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Feb 10 2015
16:27 UTC

Lopsided' Supernova Could Be Responsible for Rogue Hypervelocity Stars

Hypervelocity stars have been observed traversingĀthe Galaxy at extreme velocities (700 km/s), but the mechanisms thatĀgive rise to such phenomena areĀstillĀdebated. ĀAstronomer Thomas M. Tauris arguesĀthat lopsided supernova explosions can eject lower-mass Solar stars from the Galaxy at speeds up to 1280 km/s. Ā “[This mechanism] can account for the majority (if not all) of […]

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Jan 27 2015
17:06 UTC

Luna vs. the Hyades! The 1st of 13 Occultations of Aldebaran Set For January 29th

The cosmos is continually in motion. Be it atoms, stars or snowflakes from the latest nor'easter pounding the New England seaboard, anything worth studying involves movement. And as skies and snowbound roads clear, this Wednesday and Thursday evening will give us a reason to brave the January cold, as the waxing gibbous Moon pierces the […]

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Jan 14 2015
16:15 UTC

Challenge Yourself! See an Astronomical Event that Only Happens Once Every 26 Years

... truly fascinating event may be in the offing this month. Picture two distant burning embers (candles, light bulbs, LEDs, what have you) circling each other in the distance. From our far-flung vantage point, the two points of light are too faint to resolve individually, but as they pass in front of each other, a […]

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