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Oct 07 2014
00:28 UTC

Spinning pair-instability supernovae

How does a massive star's rotation affect the properties of its eventual explosion?

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Oct 06 2014
12:50 UTC

Foom! Superflares' Erupt From Tiny Red Dwarf Star, Surprising Scientists

Don't get too close to this little star! In April, a red dwarf star sent out a series of explosions that peaked at 10,000 times as powerful as the largest solar flare ever recorded. The tiny star packs a powerful punch because its spin is so quick: it rotates in less than a day, or […]

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Sep 29 2014
21:09 UTC

Behold: 100 Planetary Nebulas

If you like planetary nebulas, you're in luck. Multimedia artist Judy Schmidt has put together an amazing collection of 100 of these colorful glowing shells of gas and plasma, all at apparent size relative to one another. There's even a giant-sized 10,000 pixel-wide version available on Flickr. How many of these planetary nebulae can you […]

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Sep 25 2014
18:16 UTC

Hubble Vision: Galaxy DDO 68 — Young Or Old?

Only astronomers know for sure… Or do they? In this assembly of images taken with Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys, scientists have utilized both visible and infrared light to survey a most unusual galaxy. When looking for a newly formed galaxy in our “cosmic neighborhood”, they spied DDO 68 (a. k. a. UGC 5340). Normally to witness […]

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Sep 24 2014
12:43 UTC

Did Wild Weather Or A Companion Cause Eerie Infrared Glow From This Baby Star?

Watch out! Carbon monoxide gas is likely fleeing the disk of a young star like our Sun, producing an unusual signature in infrared. This could be the first time winds have been confirmed in association with a T Tauri star, or something else might be going on. Because the observed signature of the star (called […]

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Sep 12 2014
13:55 UTC

Wow! Water Ice Clouds Suspected In Brown Dwarf Beyond The Solar System

What are planetary atmospheres made of? Figuring out the answer to that question is a big step on the road to learning about habitability, assuming that life tends to flourish in atmospheres like our own. While there is a debate about how indicative the presence of, say, oxygen or water is of life on Earth-like […]

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