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Nov 15 2015
19:30 UTC

Sweet Sights for November Nights

Clear night ahead?¬Let's see what's up. We'll start close to home with the Moon, zoom out to lonely¬Fomalhaut 25 light years away and then return to our own Solar System to track down the 7th planet. (...)Read the rest of Sweet Sights for November Nights (900 words) ¬ Bob King for Universe Today, 2015. | […]

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Nov 09 2015
05:35 UTC

Radio waves absent from the reputed megastructure-encompassed Kepler star?

Astronomers¬at the SETI institute (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) have reported their findings after monitoring¬the reputed megastructure-encompassed star KIC 8462852. ¬No significant radio signals were detected in observations carried out from the Allen Telescope Array between October 15-30th (nearly 12 hours each¬day). ¬However, there are caveats, namely that the sensitivity and frequency range were limited, and […]

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Nov 04 2015
19:27 UTC

The November 2015 Night Sky

The nights are getting very dark and there is a definite chill in the air. Hello November, and hello to some brilliant stargazing opportunities. The Earth's tilt means that now […]

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