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Dec 05 2014
14:58 UTC

Stargazing in December

The December skies mark my favourite time of the year for stargazing. Despite the cold weather, the skies promise the best opportunities to see what lies beyond the Earth's atmosphere. […]

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Dec 01 2014
14:00 UTC

Probing Pluto's Paltry Atmosphere Using A Solar Eclipse And Spacecraft

Pluto is so far away from us and so tiny that it's hard to glean even basic facts about it. What is its tenuous atmosphere made of? And how to observe it during NASA's New Horizons very brief flyby next July? A recent Johns Hopkins blog post explains how a careful maneuver post-Pluto will let […]

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Nov 19 2014
15:20 UTC

Observing Challenge: Watch Asteroid 3 Juno Occult a +7th Magnitude Star Tonight

One of the better asteroid occultations of 2014 is coming right up tonight, and Canadian and U. S. observers in the northeast have a front row seat. The event occurs in the early morning hours of Thursday, November 20th, when the asteroid 3 Juno occults the 7. 4 magnitude star SAO 117176. (...)Read the rest of Observing […]

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