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Jun 26 2014
03:59 UTC

modeling noise

At group meeting my new student Dun Wang (NYU) showed very nice results in which he has used linear combinations of the brightness histories of Kepler pixels to predict the brightness histories of other Kepler pixels. The idea is that inasmuch as pixels coming from other stars co-vary with the pixel of interest, that co-variability must be caused by the satellite and instrument. That is, this is a way of calibrating out the coherent calibration "noise" that comes from the fact that the observa

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Jun 19 2014
03:59 UTC

ExoStat, day one

Today was day one of #ExoStat, hosted by Jessi Cisewski at CMU. The meeting is a follow-up to the #ExoSamsi meeting we held last summer at SAMSI, bringing together statisticians and exoplaneteers. The meeting was structured with talks in the morning and hacking in the afternoon. Two highlights in the morning talks were the following:Dawson (UCB) talked about building flexible noise models for the Kepler lightcurves, and showing how those flexible noise models improved discovery and measuremen

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Jun 18 2014
18:17 UTC

Searching for Life via Exoplanet Smog

Today's paper proposes a detection method for technologically advanced life that goes beyond the usual SETI signals: looking at exoplanet atmospheres not just for the presence of life in general, but for the chemical signatures of intelligent life.

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Jun 14 2014
00:03 UTC

raw data, uv flares

First thing in the morning, I broke it to Jeffrey Mei that his results on spectral features associated with MW dust are almost certainly strongly affected by the SDSS spectroscopic calibration pipeline. He took it well, and we realized that we can just re-run our analysis on the completely uncalibrated spectrograph counts! This might just work. He is tasked with understanding how to access the raw counts from the SDSS-III spectroscopic pipeline. At arXiv coffee, Patel summarized two papers by

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Jun 10 2014
03:59 UTC

archetypes, galaxy literature, search

Adam Bolton (Utah) called and we discussed automated redshift finding in SDSS-IV and SDSS-III. Bolton is trying to make rigid "archetypes" to use as redshift-finding templates. I promised him that by Friday I would come up with a scheme for doing this in a data-driven way, using quasars from a wide range of redshifts. I may have over-promised!In my new (June-only!) group meeting, we had short contributions from everyone. Highlights include: Patel showing the relationship between galaxy angula

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May 30 2014
01:43 UTC

calibration problems as correlated noise; shear mapping

... both photometry and spectroscopy with calibration issues. Cushing treats the calibration issues as a form of exceedingly correlated noise. This is very related to things we worked on at #UnDisLo last month, and he has some very good ideas about how to structure the problem. Some of the ideas are related to th

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