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Apr 02 2014
23:27 UTC

The Echoes of a Supernova

Spectra from the light echoes of distant supernovae can be used to probe the three dimensional structure of these massive and poorly-understood explosions.

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Mar 29 2014
03:59 UTC

Dr Wu and Dr Duffell

... told us about Herschel spectroscopy of M83. She finds that the spatially resolved and integrated spectra of star-forming galaxies seem to be saying slightly different things. She also made us think that the nucleus of M83 might be like a little mini-ULIRG. At the end of the day, Paul Duffell (NYU) defended his PhD thesis. He had a huge crowd for the seminar and it was a great show, just as his thesis was a great read. He has moved supersoni

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Mar 18 2014
01:48 UTC

Stripe 82, day one

Today was the first day of the Stripe 82 meeting in Princeton. I went down for most of the day. Many great things happened at the meeting; this is just a spotty scan of things that I saw in the time I was around:Richards (Drexel) gave an impressive overview of all the data sets that overlap the SDSS Stripe 82 area. There are four or five significant data sets in every general bandpass, like x-ray or radio or mid-infrared. It is pretty impressive. Richards emphasized the need for ways to rep

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Mar 15 2014
03:59 UTC


... spent the day in Toronto, where I gave the Astronomy Colloquium. Ray Carlberg mentioned (perhaps critically) that my talk was a bit more technical than usual for this venue. Oh well! In the morning I spoke with David Law (Dunlap) about how the MANGA project intends to go from spectral pixel data to imaging spectroscopic intensity voxel. They plan to go through a "spectral extraction" step which is very sensible and practical, but probably at least somewhat lossy. We discussed what could b

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