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May 27 2015
06:30 UTC

Watch the skies: the season for rare and mysterious noctilucent clouds is here

... on the very edge of space itself. These rare apparitions could be warning us about climate change Sky watchers in the northern hemisphere prepare: the 2015 noctilucent cloud season has begun. These beautiful, rare and mysterious clouds only appear between late-May and late-August at latitudes of 4080 degrees North. They are generally unpredictable but can be seen on clear summer evenings, soon after the sun has set. Composed of ice crystals

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May 22 2015
21:01 UTC

Rosetta's View of a Comet's Great Divide

The latest image to be revealed¬of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko¬comes from October 27, 2014, before the Philae lander even departed for its surface. Above we get a view of a dramatically-shadowed cliff separating two regions on 67P, the high, smooth plateaus of Babi and the boulder-strewn, slumped valley of Aten. Both are located on the larger lobe […]

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May 11 2015
12:21 UTC

To the lightshow: how astronomy and Virginia Woolf inspired the Royal Ballet

Woolf Works by the Royal Ballet takes its inspiration from Virginia Woolf and her fascination with the huge changes in scientific thought during her lifetimeVirginia Woolf lived and worked at a time of monumental change in our understanding of the universe. The initial decades of the 20th century saw the biggest revolution in our thinking since Isaac Newton in the seventeenth century and this generated a great deal of popular interest in the subject, too. Related: Who's afraid of Virginia Wool

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May 07 2015
15:15 UTC

Progress 59 spacecraft: what are your chances of being hit by falling debris?

... but a dead Russian spacecraft certainly is. It's a seven-tonne Progress cargo vessel that was attempting to take supplies to the International Space Station. However, minutes after launch on 28 April, things went wrong. It started spinning uncontrollably and contact was lost. Now it's going to fall back to Earth some tim

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