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Apr 07 2016
21:11 UTC

Supermassive Black Hole Found In The Cosmic Boonies

Astronomers have found a massive black hole in a place they never expected to find one. The hole comes in at 17 billion solar masses, which makes it the second largest ever found. (The largest is 21 billion solar masses.) And though its enormous mass is noteworthy, its location is even more intriguing. Supermassive black holes are typically found at the centers of huge galaxies. Most galaxies have them, including our own Milky Way galaxy, where a comparatively puny 4 million solar mass black hole

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Apr 06 2016
22:16 UTC

Nearby Supernovas Showered Earth With Iron

We all know that we are "made of star-stuff," with all of the elements¬necessary for¬the formation of planets and even life itself having originated inside generations of massive¬stars, which over billions of years have blasted their creations out into the galaxy at the explosive ends of their lives. Supernovas are some of the most powerful and energetic events in the known Universe, and when a dying star finally explodes you wouldn't want to be anywhere nearbyfresh elements are nice and a

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Apr 04 2016
20:16 UTC

Did the Sun Steal Planet Nine?

One of the biggest new¬mysteries in our Solar System is the purported presence of a large and distant "Planet Nine," traveling around¬the Sun in a twenty-thousand-year orbit far beyond Pluto. Although this far-flung world's existence has yet to actually be confirmed (or even detected) some scientists are suggesting it might have originally been an exoplanet around¬a neighboring star, pilfered¬by our Sun during its¬impudent¬adolescence. In January 2016¬the remorseless¬planet killer¬

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