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Oct 07 2013
16:49 UTC

Can't stop the APOD

... Last week the US Congress decided to close down many of their Government services whilst they argue about a specific law that was enacted. For astronomy this has meant most NASA employees being made to stay at home without pay, closure of most of the NRAO, difficulties for National Science Foundation grants and closure of all NASA-hosted websites. One of the sites affected by the closure of nasa. gov was Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). It has been running since 1995 - over two years before

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Oct 01 2013
21:58 UTC

Despite Shutdown NASA Planetary Probes On the Job

... the U. S. government shutdown and cancellation of most of NASA's activities, the space agency's fleet of planetary spacecraft will remain¬on the job, including its Mars rovers and orbiters. (Read: “NASA Hit by Government Shutdown.”) That's good news for the armada of robots recording ¬data streaming in from comet ISON as it…

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