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Mar 01 2015
04:52 UTC

NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Spacecraft Set for March Blastoff to study Earth's Magnetic Reconnection Events

NASA's first mission dedicated to study the process in nature known as magnetic reconnection undergoing final preparation for launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida in just under two weeks time. The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission is comprised of a quartet of identically instrumented observatories aimed at providing the first three-dimensional views of a(...)Read the rest of […]

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Feb 24 2015
11:33 UTC

Top 5 Under 40 in Australian Science

... media production and science communication training, and then pitch an idea for a radio program to the panel of judges. eek! also, woohoo!This initiative is supported by UNSW and ABC Radio National to mark 40 years of The Science Show. The winners - the Top 5' - will be announced on The Science Show on 7 March

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Feb 17 2015
19:09 UTC

Book Review and Giveaway: Know It All: 132 Head-Scratching Questions About the Science All Around Us

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. — Benjamin Franklin One of the greatest qualities we possess as humans is our ability to ask questions. Our quest for knowledge and answers about the world carries us beyond our everyday borders and attitudes. Curiosity may not have been good for the cat, but it […]

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Feb 15 2015
12:30 UTC

Second anniversary of Chelyabinsk meteorite strike

Two years ago, the Earth caught a glimpse of disaster in the form of a 12,000-tonne meteorite that exploded above the Russian city of ChelyabinskIt happened at 9:20am local time. A fireball appeared from out of the crystal clear blue sky over the southern Ural region in Russia. Rapidly increasing in brightness, it blazed brighter than the Sun. The lightshow turned dangerous when the fireball abruptly exploded, injuring more than 1200 people. Some were burnt by the heat but most were cut as the sh

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Feb 12 2015
15:03 UTC

The hunt for gravitational waves could be nearing success

Physicists are growing confident of detecting ephemeral ripples in the universe, and they are gearing up to engage the public in the discoveryHere's a date for your diary: 1 January 2017. It's the day that physicists are predicting for a great scientific breakthrough: the first direct detection of gravitational waves. Even if you have not yet heard about gravitational waves, you are going to in the coming years. When they are detected, it will revolutionise our investigation of the universe.

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Feb 12 2015
13:40 UTC

Space Weather Storm Monitoring Satellite Blasts off for Deep Space on SpaceX Rocket

After a 17 year long wait, a new American mission to monitor intense solar storms and warn of impeding space weather disruptions to vital power grids, telecommunications satellites and public infrastructure was launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 on Wednesday, Feb. 11, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to start a million mile journey to its deep […]

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Feb 09 2015
21:11 UTC

Two Stars On A Death Spiral Set To Detonate As A Supernova

Two┬white dwarfs circle around one┬other,┬locked in a fatal tango. With an intimate orbit and a hefty combined mass, the┬pair is┬ultimately destined to collide, merge, and erupt in a titanic explosion: a Type Ia supernova. Or so goes the theory behind the infamous “standard candles” of cosmology. Now, in a paper published in today's issue of […]

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Feb 07 2015
16:59 UTC

NOAA/NASA/USAF Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) Launching Feb. 8 to Monitor Solar Winds

... Observatory, or DSCOVR science satellite is slated to blast off atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 on Sunday, Feb. 8, from Cape Canaveral, Florida on a mission to monitor the solar wind and aid very important forecasts of space weather at Earth. DSCOVR is a joint mission between NOAA, NASA, […]

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Feb 06 2015
16:29 UTC

Don't look at Black Holes Too Closely, They Might Disappear

We've come a long way in 13. 8 billion years; but despite our impressively extensive understanding of the┬Universe, there are still a few strings left untied. For one, there is┬the oft-cited┬disconnect between general relativity, the physics of the very large, and quantum mechanics, the physics of the very small. Then there┬is problematic fate of┬a┬particle's intrinsic information […]

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Feb 04 2015
11:46 UTC

Why NASA's Europa mission has people excited

Jupiter's icy moon Europa may harbour extraterrestrial life. NASA has announced a mission to go, but ESA will get there firstEuropa is a tantalising place orbiting the giant planet of Jupiter. Extraordinary images from the twin Voyager spacecraft in 1979 showed that Europa's surface was cracked in places, with what looked like ice floes in others. This sparked the possibility that beneath that icy crust could be an ocean. Magnetic field data and further investigation by the Galileo spacecraft

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