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Sep 15 2014
16:14 UTC

4 Sky Events This Week: Moon Points to Crab and Leo's Heart

... Lion's Heart and some starry graveyards come this way for skywatchers.

Posted by Breaking Orbit

Sep 15 2014
13:55 UTC

Rosetta's probe may land 500 metres from jets that produce comet's tail

... game but the potential science return makes it worth taking the chanceInitially, the European Space Agency thought that its chances of successfully landing on Rosettas target comet were about 70-75%. Now chances are lower maybe much lower but the agency wont give a figure because it doesnt have time to re-run the risk assessment exercise. That in itself shows that Esa knows exactly where its priorities lie. Instead of re-running an academic exe

Posted by Across the universe

Sep 11 2014
18:13 UTC

Solar Storm Heading for Earth May Spark Auroras This Weekend

... solar outburst promises weekend northern lights.

Posted by Breaking Orbit

Sep 10 2014
14:37 UTC

Space Mountain!

Where do you suppose this rocky, jagged peak is located? Sierra Nevada? The French Alps? The Himalayas? Actually this craggy mountain is located much, much farther away than any of those Earthly ranges (although it's currently getting closer by the day) — this is a peak on the 4-km-wide nucleus of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, imaged by […]

Posted by Lights in the Dark

Sep 04 2014
12:00 UTC

Astronomers Identify an Exoplanet in the Process of Formation

Here at Lights In The Dark I typically keep the articles and information to exploration occurring within our Solar System. But there have been amazing advances in the discovery of worlds far beyond our own family of planets and this recent news is quite fascinating: astronomers have spotted what appears to be a large gaseous […]

Posted by Lights in the Dark

Sep 02 2014
15:05 UTC

5 Sky Events This Week: Milky Way Gems Sparkle While Venus Snuggles With Leo

... bright moon steers skywatchers to Milky Way wonders this week.

Posted by Breaking Orbit

Aug 30 2014
12:12 UTC

1833 Meteor Storm Started Citizen Science

Crowdsourcing astronomy discoveries goes back a ways, to 1833, and a truly remarkable meteor shower.

Posted by Breaking Orbit

Aug 28 2014
21:05 UTC

Making Radio Galaxies in a Computer

At a conceptual level the formation of radio galaxies is pretty simple. According to a basic picture first introduced in the 1970s, a supermassive black hole in the center of a galaxy generates a symmetric pair of oppositely directed, high speed jets or beams of hot, ionized gas as a by-product of energy released or […]

Posted by Galaxy Zoo Blog

Aug 26 2014
14:55 UTC

Australian Astronomy Envy: This Video Is Like A Telescope Brochure

Performing observations in Australia is on many astronomers' bucket lists, and this video timelapse shows you precisely why. Famous, world-class observatories, dark sky and the beautiful desolation of the desert combine in this award-winning sequence shot by Alex Cherney and posted on Vimeo. (...)Read the rest of Australian Astronomy Envy: This Video Is Like A […]

Posted by Universe Today

Aug 25 2014
17:14 UTC

5 Sky Events This Week: Cosmic Teapot Steams While Neptune Hits Prime Time

Moonless nights offer starry delights to stargazers this week.

Posted by Breaking Orbit

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