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Feb 03 2016
06:00 UTC

Saturn's Rings Continue to Surprise Scientists

If you try to apply simple common sense to how Saturn's rings really work you're going to be sorely mistaken: the giant planet's signature features run circles around average¬Earthly intuition. This has been the case for centuries and is especially true now after recent news from Cassini that the most opaque sections of rings aren't necessarily the densest; with Saturn looks literally are deceiving. While rings are features shared by all of the gas and ice giant planets in our Solar System, Satu

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Jan 25 2016
15:04 UTC

Public Service Broadcasting: glorious celebration of Cosmonauts at the Science Museum

... unique evening at the Science Museum celebrated the acclaimed Cosmonauts exhibition with a PSB concert about the space race — what's not to love?It was partway into the gig when, with the press of a computer keyboard, Public Service Broadcasting's retro-sounding recorded announcement said, We've always wanted to play the Science Museum. Another press: And not many groups can say that. How gloriously, unashamedly true. Related: How JFK and the Cold War space race inspired an

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Jan 25 2016
04:32 UTC

Five things we know about the universe that will make you feel very small

Here is an article I contributed to ABC Science, originally posted here. Five things we know about the universe that will make you feel very small. One thing we know about the universe is that it's really big. Another is that thinking about it and trying to understand it will make your brain hurt. Astronomer Amanda Bauer takes us through her top five mind-expanding things we know (or don't know) about the universe. 1. There is no edge of the universePHOTO: Full-sky map of the oldest lig

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Jan 21 2016
04:54 UTC

Astronomers Find Theoretical Evidence for Distant Gas Giant Planet in Our Solar System

The astronomer known worldwide for vigorously promoting the demotion of Pluto from its decades long perch as the 9th Planet, has now found theoretical evidence for a new and very distant gas giant planet lurking way beyond Pluto out to the far reaches of our solar system. In an obvious reference to the planethood controversy, the proposed new planet is nicknamed Planet Nine' and its absolutely huge! The possible planet has a mass about 10 times that of Earth and is believed to be gaseous, li

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Jan 20 2016
05:00 UTC

First Space Zinnia Blooms and Catches Sun's Rays on Space Station

... working on the orbital science laboratory. NASA astronaut and Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly is proudly sharing stunning new photos showing off his space grown Zinnias - which blo

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Jan 17 2016
20:15 UTC

NASA Jason-3 Sea Level Rise Reconnaissance Satellite Successfully Blasts off on SpaceX Falcon 9; Hard Landing on Barge

... SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched the NASA/NOAA/European Jason-3 sea level rise reconnaissance satellite a short while ago today, Sunday, Jan. 17, from Vandenberg Air Force Base into a polar orbit around the Earth. The launch was a complete success with all first and second stage rocket firings and the Jason-3 deployment occurring precisely as planned and on time. Note: This breaking news story is being updated. Check back frequentlyThe minivan-sized Jason-3 spacecraft was delivered

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Jan 17 2016
04:03 UTC

SpaceX Launching NASA Jason-3 Ocean Surveillance Satellite Jan. 17; with Barge Rocket Landing — Watch Live

The joint NASA-European ocean surveillance satellite named Jason-3 is poised for blastoff from SpaceX's California launch pad on Sunday, Jan. 17 - followed immediately by another Falcon 9 rocket recovery landing on a barge at sea. The weather forecast is outstanding! And you can watch all the excitement live!The primary goal is to deliver Jason-3 to low Earth orbit, where it will gather global measurements of ocean topography, or wave heights. These data provide scientists with essential inform

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Jan 12 2016
13:31 UTC

Gravitational wave detection could be a false alarm

Caution is needed over claims that gravitational waves have been found. It could be a fake to test the detectors and scientists involved — it has been beforeThere is a strong rumour that gravitational waves — one of astronomy's holy grails — have been found. Rumours have been circulating since November that something' was detected in September 2015. Analysis is currently ongoing and if everything checks out an announcement is expected in February. The rumour of this possible detect...

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Jan 11 2016
16:56 UTC

Galaxy Zoo Highlights from 2015

Following on from the excellent summary of the hi-lights in 2015 for the Radio Galaxy Zoo project, here's a similar post about results from Galaxy Zoo. This year we collected 4,755,448 classifications on 209,291 different images of galaxies. You continue to amaze us with your collective efforts. Thank you so much for each and everyone […]

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Jan 08 2016
19:08 UTC

Understanding Juno's Orbit: An Interview with NASA's Scott Bolton

... and to fulfill its science objectives. Adding to the complexity of the Juno mission, is the fact that¬the design of the spacecraft, the scientific objectives, and the or

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