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Apr 13 2015
14:49 UTC

The arrogance of Physicists?

Following my problems with 56 as a convincing argument, Steven Thomson has some thoughtful comments one why physicists might have skills they can offer other fields. h/t ScienceSeeker.

Posted by AlunSalt: Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

Apr 12 2015
03:08 UTC

SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon CRS-6 set for April 13 Launch to ISS and Historic Landing Attempt

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – Now just a day away, all systems are GO for blastoff of the next SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon CRS-6 cargo capsule on Monday, April 13, on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) and a near simultaneous historic attempt to soft land the boosters first stage […]

Posted by Universe Today

Apr 10 2015
09:27 UTC

The Brontosaur may be coming back

Brontosaurus, thunder lizard, is an excellent name for a dinosaur, but fossils can have surprisingly fluid names. Lots of fossils have been named, but sometimes from incomplete skeletons, so the same species gets two names. When this happens the first...

Posted by AlunSalt: Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

Apr 09 2015
22:31 UTC

Does history feel better when it has no connection to the past?

The BBC's Stargazing LIVE recently showed how you could predict eclipses using Stonehenge. It's true but also really boring because there's next to no evidence for it. How convincing it is depends on how excited you are by the number...

Posted by AlunSalt: Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

Apr 07 2015
14:46 UTC

How to present science to anyone

... them. Communicating complex science ideas does not come naturally to everyone, but is a

Posted by astropixie

Mar 24 2015
18:50 UTC

Turning Stars Into Art

We all have cameras, and the sky's an easy target, so why not have a little fun? Ever since I got my first camera at age 12 I wanted to shoot time exposures of the night sky. That and a tripod are all you need. Presented here for your enjoyment are a few oddball and […]

Posted by Universe Today

Mar 20 2015
16:29 UTC

What’s all the fuss about bars in galaxies?

Since our discovery in 2010 that the red spirals identified by your classifications in the first phase of Galaxy Zoo were twice as likely to host galactic scale bars as normal blue spirals, a lot of our research time has focused on understanding which types of galaxies host bars, and why that might be.   […]

Posted by Galaxy Zoo Blog

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