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Aug 14 2015
20:17 UTC

Ride Along with New Horizons on its Pluto Flyby

On July 14, 2015, after nine and a half years┬journeying┬across the Solar System, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft made its historic close pass of┬Pluto and its moon Charon. Traveling a relative velocity of nearly 13. 8 km/s (that's almost 31,000 mph!) New Horizons passed through the Pluto system in a matter of hours but the views it […]

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Aug 14 2015
10:18 UTC

Eric Whitacre's BBC Prom music inspired by Hubble Space Telescope

American composer Eric Whitacre takes his inspiration from the Hubble Space Telescope's Deep Field image for a premiere at the BBC PromsTonight on BBC4, a unique piece of music will be broadcast. Commissioned by the BBC, in association with the Minnesota Orchestra, Deep Field is a 25 minute-long soundscape of epic ambition. It was recorded on Sunday 9 August at its European premiere, as part of the BBC Proms 2015 at the Royal Albert Hall. Related: Hubble at 25: the space telescope's timeline -

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Aug 12 2015
17:56 UTC

The Journey of Light, From the Stars to Your Eyes

This┬week, millions of people will turn their eyes to the skies┬in anticipation┬of the 2015┬Perseid meteor shower. But what happens on┬less eventful nights, when we find ourselves gazing upward simply to admire┬the deep, dark, star-spangled sky? Far away from the glow of civilization, we humans can survey┬thousands of tiny┬pinpricks of light. But how? Where does that […]

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Aug 10 2015
14:17 UTC

See Venus at Her Most Ravishing

Venus is HUGE right now but oh-so-skinny as it approaches inferior conjunction on August 15. Like crescents?┬You'll never see a thinner and more elegant one, but first you'll have to find it.┬Here's how. (...)Read the rest of See Venus at Her Most Ravishing (1,172 words) ┬ Bob King for Universe Today, 2015. | Permalink | […]

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Aug 10 2015
00:57 UTC

Curiosity marks 3rd anniversary on Mars with amazing science discoveries

... on Mars with amazing science discoveries appeared first on Planetaria.

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Aug 03 2015
13:02 UTC

The Resplendent Inflexibility of the Rainbow

Children often ask simple questions that make you wonder if you really understand your subject.┬ An young acquaintance of mine named Collin wondered why the colors of the rainbow were always in the same order red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.┬Why don't they get mixed up?┬(...)Read the rest of The Resplendent Inflexibility of […]

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Aug 01 2015
18:34 UTC

T-Minus 12 Days to Perihelion, Rosetta's Comet Up Close and in 3D

With just 12 days before Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko reaches perihelion, we get┬a look at recent images and results released by the European Space Agency from the┬Philae lander┬along with spectacular 3D photos from Rosetta's high resolution camera.┬(...)Read the rest of T-Minus 12 Days to Perihelion, Rosetta's Comet Up Close and in 3D (1,112 words) ┬ Bob King […]

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Jul 31 2015
12:13 UTC

Blue moon: how to see tonight's 'rare' event

Tonight's blue moon will be easy to see, but the name has nothing to do with its colour and once in a blue moon' is probably based on a misunderstandingIf it is clear tonight, step outside and marvel at the full moon. Its heavy, illuminated orb will trace a path right across the sky from horizon to horizon during the twilight and nighttime hours. It will be shining in the reflected light of the Sun, as normal, and will appear yellow/white, as normal, yet we call it a blue moon because, wel

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Jul 28 2015
14:08 UTC

Pluto: ten things we now know about the dwarf planet

With the immediate excitement of the Pluto flyby behind us, here are the ten most important things we now know about this fascinating worldStuart Clark is the author of The Unknown Universe (Head of Zeus). He is teaching the Guardian Masterclass, How the Universe Works in September. Continue reading...

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Jul 23 2015
15:37 UTC

What's the Big Deal About the Pentaquark?

“Three quarks for Muster Mark!,” wrote James Joyce in his labyrinthine┬fable,┬Finnegan's Wake. By now, you may have heard┬this quote – the short, nonsensical sentence that eventually┬gave the name “quark”┬to┬the Universe's (as-yet-unsurpassed) most fundamental building blocks. Today's physicists believe that they understand the basics of how┬quarks combine; three join up┬to form baryons (everyday particles like the […]

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Jul 22 2015
18:06 UTC

The Stars and Planets Ignite Our Dreams

And Make Us Think About What is Possible What price do you put on stimulating the imagination and scientific interest in someone? I don't know about you, but I think it's priceless. Certain events in our history are enough to get us dreaming about the infinite possibilities that lie out Continue readingThe post The Stars and Planets Ignite Our Dreams appeared first on .

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