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Jul 16 2013
19:57 UTC

A Heat Wave So Big You Can See It From Space

Hot enough for ya? If you live anywhere on the eastern half of the United States (like me) you've probably been sweating it out over the past several days in what certainly feels like the warmest week yet for the season. The cause of the oppressive weather? A¬large mid-level ridge centered over the Ohio Valley

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Jul 15 2013
13:57 UTC

Wave at Saturn Saturday July 20 (for Australians)

Saturn, looking back towards Earth on Wave at Saturn day. Simulated in Celestia (click to embiggen)Where's Saturn? Can you find it in this picture?On Saturday July 20, at 7:27 am AEST, 6:57 am ACST and 5:27 an AWST, (that's July 19, 21:27 UT), the space probe Cassini will look back to Earth and take a picture of our planet. It will be a pale dot floating just below the rings of Saturn, tiny and remote (see simulation above). To make this event even more special, the Cassini team want the world t

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