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Apr 09 2012
09:32 UTC

What's changing your game?

In a few weeks' time I'm attending an EU-funded workshop in Marseille where a small group of scientists and engineers will come together to talk about new technology for observational astronomy. We'll particularly discuss potential disruptive technologies, which are the most exciting kind: rather than just improve incrementally on the current techniques, a disruptive technology

Posted by SarahAskew

Apr 06 2012
19:12 UTC

Astronomy Question: Average Temperatures in the Solar System?

Alex asks: Dear Astronomer, What are the average high and low temperatures of the planets in our solar system? Great question Alex! Given the different distances and compositions of objects in our Solar System, there is a wide range of temperatures. What is very interesting about the range of temperatures is how a planet's atmosphere

Posted by Dear Astronomer

Mar 23 2012
22:02 UTC

Astronomy Question: Water in Space?

Jennifer asks: “Dear Astronomer, What type of water is in space? Is it fresh water or salt water?” Jennifer, You've asked a very interesting question, one I'm happy to answer! With Hydrogen and Helium being the two most abundant elements in our Universe, it's no surprise that many gas-filled regions of interstellar space are for

Posted by Dear Astronomer

Mar 15 2012
09:00 UTC

What's our greatest weakness?

I'm curious: What do ya'll think is the bit of professional astronomy that most needs to be changed? Regardless of government funding levels, is there one thing that's holding us back from being the best astronomers we can be more than others? What's our greatest weakness? Is it the disconnect between course work (theory) and

Posted by SarahAskew

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