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Aug 26 2014
20:46 UTC

The Pluto Firestorm Continues

The Issue is NOT Just Planetary Status I recently got into a fascinating late-evening computer chat with someone who is really incensed that Pluto is no longer a planet. He seemed pretty upset about it, and although not a planetary scientist, seemed cognizant of the IAU's role in the supposed “demotion” of Pluto a few […]

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Aug 22 2014
02:42 UTC

Space dust indicates ancient origin for Saturn's rings

The origin of Saturn's rings has been one of the most interesting puzzles in planetary science, and now new data from the Cassini spacecraft is helping to fill in the pieces, showing that the majestic ring system is very ancient, probably as old as Saturn itself. The new findings were presented Aug. 15 at the … Continue Reading →The post Space dust indicates ancient origin for Saturn's rings appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

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Aug 18 2014
19:16 UTC

6 Sky Events This Week: Chance of Sky Lights and Shooting Stars

  Lunar and planetary spectacles fill theĀstarry skies this week, alongside theĀchance of auroras and shooting stars. Perseids trickle. Late night on Monday, look for stragglers from the Perseids meteor shower. While it peaked a week ago, the shooting stars will continue to fly until August 24. According to the international observing reports, the Perseids…

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Aug 08 2014
02:11 UTC

Watch Pluto and Charon Engage in Their Orbital Dance

Now here's something I guarantee you've never seen before: a video of the dwarf planet Pluto and its largest moon Charon showing the two distinctly separate worlds actually in motion around each other! Captured by the steadily-approaching New Horizons spacecraft from July 1924, the 12 images that comprise thisĀanimation were acquired with the Long Range […]

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Aug 01 2014
21:55 UTC

Moon Invades Saturn This Weekend

The moon cozies up to Saturn on Sunday and Monday, even covering the ringed planet for some observers.

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Jul 31 2014
21:20 UTC

NASA’s Next Mars Rover Will Make Oxygen

NASA's next Mars rover will pack a suite of sensors, cameras and an oxygen brewing kit.

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