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Apr 14 2014
17:58 UTC

5 Sky Events This Week: Full Lunar Eclipse and Lord of the Rings

This is a big week even for the most amateur of sky-watchers, with a rare full lunar eclipse and Mars getting as close as it ever does to Earth. Moon shadow play. The moon will appear to be orange-red late Monday night and early Tuesday morning as it undergoes a total eclipse, the first visible…

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Apr 12 2014
03:04 UTC

If the Moon were only 1 pixel: an incredible scale model of the solar system

... distances between the planets, and other bodies, really are. At this scale, the Moon is depicted as the size of 1 pixel and the Sun about 10 cm across, and it takes several minutes, and patience, … Continue Reading →The post If the Moon were only 1 pixel: an incredible scale model of the solar system appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

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Apr 07 2014
15:06 UTC

5 Sky Events This Week: Lunar Wall, Mars Up-Close, and a Blue Giant

Fantastic fault lines and planetary close encounters this week¬offer sky-watchers some¬impressive cosmic views of the heavens. The lunar wall.¬The first quarter moon, which comes into view on Monday, April 7, offers the best moment this month to view, in small telescopes, an amazing lunar feature called the lunar wall, or Rupes Recta (sometimes called the…

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Apr 01 2014
21:04 UTC

Global Star Party Kicks Off Astronomy Month

Get up close and personal with the cosmos. The world's largest event dedicated to sharing the wonders of the universe kicks off an exciting series of events for space geeks throughout April. This year's Global Astronomy Month (GAM2014) brings together astronomy enthusiasts and organizations worldwide to share the passion for the night sky with everyone,…

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Mar 25 2014
17:16 UTC

First Person: What I’m Learning on a Simulated Mars Mission

By Jim Urquhart for National Geographic “Mars has been flown by, orbited, smacked into, radar examined, and¬rocketed onto, as well as bounced upon, rolled over, shoveled, drilled¬into, baked, and even blasted. Still to come: Mars being stepped on.”Buzz Aldrin In a remote stretch of Utah desert, five scientific researchers¬and one journalist, myself,¬came together this month…

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Mar 24 2014
15:36 UTC

4 Sky Events This Week: Ghostly Glows and Rocky Worlds

Ethereal apparitions from the dusty inner solar system this week seem¬certain to delight sky-watchers.¬ Zodiacal lights. Starting Monday, March 24, and continuing through the week, keen-eyed sky-watchers in the mid-northern latitudes will witness the ghostly glow of the zodiacal lights, which will appear about one to two hours after local dusk in the western sky.…

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