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Jul 03 2015
16:15 UTC

Why the Dark Spots on Pluto?

What's at Work on this Distant Planet?As Pluto comes into sharper focus through the eyes of New Horizons, we're seeing more definition of the dark and light areas on this distant world. The lighter areas are very likely ice patches, but the dark ones are more intriguing. The most interesting image THIS week, shows four distinct markings that look like craters, or mountains, or… something on one side of the planet. What could be causing these dark markings?Think about this: Pluto is covered

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Jun 11 2015
22:40 UTC

More Pluto!

The Hits Just Keep Coming!Take a look at these four faces of Pluto, dated from just about a week ago and see how much MORE detail we can see. New Horizons is getting closer each second and the proximity is starting to really pay off! Even though they're not crystal clear (yet) you can clearly

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