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Oct 27 2014
21:47 UTC

Completely Gorgeous Shot of the Milky Way Over Jasper National Park

Does it get any more gorgeous than this? What an absolutely beautiful view of the night sky over Lake Annette and Whistler's Mountain in Jasper National Park. “I shot this at the Lake Annette Star Party, one of the Dark Sky Festival events, using the Canon 60Da and 10-22mm lens at 10mm f/4 and ISO […]

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Oct 26 2014
19:38 UTC

The First Photo of Earth From Space Was Taken 68 Years Ago

These days we get to see photos of our planet taken from space literally every day. Astronauts and cosmonauts living and working aboard the ISS, weather and Earth-observing satellites in various orbits, even distant spacecraft exploring other planets in our Solar System… all have captured images of Earth from near and far. But there was […]

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Oct 16 2014
18:27 UTC

Want to See Some Pretty Pictures? Here are the Winners of the 2014 Photo Nightscape Awards

... year about an astrophotography contest held by Ciel et Espace Photos in France, called the Photo Nightscape Awards. This is the first year of the competition and the winners have now been announced — and they are gorgeous! They had two categories: pro and espoir' (amateur, or literally, ‘hope,') and […]

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