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Jun 10 2013
18:36 UTC

An Early Start for Noctilucent Clouds

The season for noctilucent “night-shining” clouds is arriving in the northern hemisphere, when wispy, glowing tendrils of high-altitude ice crystals may be seen around the upper latitudes, shining long after the Sun has set. Found about 83 km (51 miles) up, noctilucent clouds (also called polar mesospheric clouds) are the highest cloud formations in the

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Jun 09 2013
22:19 UTC

NLC discussion

... re-tweeted (RT) my NLC images and, out of curiosity, I looked at a couple of profiles to see if they were people I might want to follow. @ClimateRealists caught my eye because their next tweet was directed at my local weatherman (Paul Hudson) and included an astronomical connection:@hudsonweather Although not 100% I think you may find the origin of these cloud

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Jun 09 2013
02:10 UTC

Noctilucent Clouds

... noctilucent cloud (NLC) displays over the past week and has some great photos of the displays on his blog. I'd never seen noct

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