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Aug 30 2015
16:15 UTC

Eclipse By Fire! Smoky Haze Pervades Night Sky, Darkens Moon

Did you see the Moon last night? I walked outside at 10:30 p. m. and was stunned to see a dark, burnt-orange¬Full Moon as if September's eclipse had arrived¬a month early. Why? Heavy smoke from forest fires in Washington, California and Montana has now spread to cover nearly half the country in a smoky pall, soaking […]

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Aug 28 2015
15:35 UTC

August Full Moon Anticipates September's Total Lunar Eclipse

Who doesn't love a Full Moon? Occurring about once¬a¬month, they never wear out their welcome.¬Each one becomes a special event to anticipate.¬In the summer months, when the Moon rises through the sultry haze, atmosphere and aerosols scatter away so much blue light and green light from its disk, the Moon glows an enticing orange or […]

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Aug 26 2015
17:27 UTC

Ice Giants at Opposition

It seems as if the planets are fleeing the evening sky, just as the Fall school star party season is getting underway. Venus and Mars have entered the morning sky, and Jupiter reaches solar conjunction this week. Even glorious Saturn has passed eastern quadrature, and will soon depart evening skies.(...)Read the rest of Ice Giants […]

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Aug 24 2015
22:55 UTC

Two years from today: get ready for the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

Exactly two years from today, on Aug. 21, 2017, a rare total solar eclipse will be seen again in the skies of the United States, racing east from Oregon to South Carolina. For a brief couple of minutes, the skies will darken as the Moon passes in front of the Sun, revealing the Sun's corona,... The post Two years from today: get ready for the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 appeared first on Planetaria.

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Aug 21 2015
00:18 UTC

Our glowing Moon': LADEE spacecraft discovers neon in lunar atmosphere

The existence of neon gas in our Moon's ultra-thin atmosphere has been confirmed for the first time, by NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft. Its presence had been theorized for decades, but has now finally been confirmed and found to be relatively abundant, even though it's not nearly enough for the Moon... The post Our ‘glowing Moon': LADEE spacecraft discovers neon in lunar atmosphere appeared first on Planetaria.

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Aug 18 2015
13:55 UTC

The Truth About the “Blood Moon” Tetrad

Various claims about the end of the world and Judgement Day can be found threaded into the long history of humanity and has become a common re-occurrence that, most likely, […]

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Aug 14 2015
03:20 UTC

Milestone Test Firing of NASA's SLS Monster Rocket Engine Advances Human Path to Deep Space

With today's (Aug. 13) successful test firing of an RS-25 main stage engine for NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) monster rocket currently under development, the program passed a key milestone advancing the agency on the path to propel astronauts back to deep space at the turn of the decade. The 535 second long test firing […]

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Aug 13 2015
03:09 UTC

Image Gallery: Moon passing in front of Earth

... beautiful and unique view of the Moon passing in front of the Earth as seen from the¬Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite. The far side of the Moon, never seen from Earth, is visible¬here as the Moon passes between the satellite and Earth. The video animation is here. The¬images were taken between 3:50 p. m.... The post Image Gallery: Moon passing in front of Earth appeared first on Planetaria.

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Aug 12 2015
18:53 UTC

Revealed: Mars to Appear Larger Than a Full Moon!

We can finally reveal the truth. A massive conspiracy, spanning over a decade, has been revealed at last by basement bloggers, YouTubers and Facebook users everywhere, implicating big-NASA' and the powers that be in a massive cover-up. Yes, it's the month of August once again, and the Red Planet Mars is set to appear larger […]

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Aug 11 2015
18:40 UTC

A Thrift Store Find Yields an Astronomical Mystery

... good mystery is often where you find it. Photographer Meagan Abell recently made a discovery during a thrift store expedition that not only set the internet abuzz, but also contains an interesting astronomical dimension as well. This is an instance where observational astronomy may play a key role in pinning down a date, and […]

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Aug 09 2015
23:30 UTC

A 2dF night at the Anglo-Australian Telescope

... new video from AAO!"A 2dF night at the AAT" assembles 14 time-lapse sequences taken at the 4-metre Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) located at Siding Spring Observatory NSW, Australia. This time-lapse video shows not only how the Two Degree Field (2dF) instrument works but also how the AAT and the telescope dome move in tandem, and the beauty of the Southern Sky in spring and summer. The video is 2min 50sec long and combines more than 4000 frames obtained using a CANON EOS 600D wit

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Aug 05 2015
21:48 UTC

Moon Transits Earth in Eye-poppingly EPIC View from 1 Million Miles Away

An eye-poppingly EPIC' view of the sunlit far side of the Moon transiting the sunlit side of Earth was recently captured by NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) camera from one million miles away. Wow! – is an understatement! The stunning animation of the Moon crossing in front of the Earth, shown above, and seemingly […]

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