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Mar 26 2015
17:48 UTC

Titan: Cassini Orbiter Continues to Unravel its Secrets

With a space-exploration CV' big enough to eclipse the achievements of most of the other space probes in its class, the Cassini-Huygens orbiter has revealed much from one of our […]

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Mar 25 2015
14:12 UTC

Total Lunar Eclipse, April 4, 2015

Eastern horizon as seen from Sydney on 4 April at 9:15 pm AEDST. The eclipse is just about to begin. Click to embiggenEastern horizon as seen from Adelaide on 4 April at 8:45 pm ACDST . The eclipse is just starting. Click to embiggenEastern horizon as seen from Perth on 4 April at 6:15 pm AWST. The eclipse is about to start. Click to embiggenAbove the North-Eastern horizon as seen from Sydney on 4 April at 10:54 pm AEDST. The total eclipse has just begun . Click to embi

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Mar 21 2015
23:11 UTC

total solar eclipse - svalbard

did you see the total solar eclipse on march 20th, 2015? my friend geoff sims was up to capture him consistently amazing photos of the events from Svalbard. and one from 35,000 feet, collaboration with Glenn Schneider. i'd like to see a thorough movie of his experiences and eclipse photos. here's a preview of that possibility. support their kickstarter if you want to see it to! i missed it unfortunately, but i absolutely have plans to be in the US on August 21st, 2017 ;)

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Mar 17 2015
12:02 UTC

Slender Moonspotting, Occultations, Daytime Planets and More

One of nature's grandest occultations' of all is coming right up this Friday, as the Moon passes in front of the Sun for viewers in the high Arctic for a total solar eclipse. And although 99. 999+% percent of humanity will miss totality, everyone can trace the fascinating path of the Moon as it moves back […]

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Mar 16 2015
14:43 UTC

Viewing the Partial Solar Eclipse of 20 March 2014

As everyone knows on Friday 20 March 2015, a total solar eclipse will occur across the far northern regions of Europe and the Arctic. A partial solar eclipse will be […]

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Mar 08 2015
04:57 UTC

World's Most Powerful Solid Booster Set for Space Launch System Test Firing on March 11

All systems are go for the inaugural ground test firing on March 11 of the world's most powerful solid rocket booster ever built that will one day power NASA's mammoth new Space Launch System (SLS) heavy lift rocket and propel astronauts to deep space destinations. The booster known as qualification motor, QM-1, is the largest […]

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Mar 05 2015
11:33 UTC

10 “Facts” About Space That Aren’t True

... discussing whether the moon was a star or a planet. On having searched online a voice in their earpiece told them […]

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Mar 04 2015
13:35 UTC

Stargazing in March

Already the year 2015 is proving to be a great year for stargazing with planets, comets and meteorites gracing the skies but prepare for March as it brings a micro […]

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Mar 03 2015
15:50 UTC

The Mini-Moon Cometh: Catch the Smallest Full Moon of 2015 This Thursday

Supermoons. Blood Moons. Moons both Black and Blue by now, you'd think that there was nothing new under the Sun (or Moon, as it were) when it comes to new unofficial lunar terminology. Sure, the Moon now seems more colorful than controversial viral dress shades. Love it or loathe it, the Internet can sure set […]

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