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Apr 25 2016
16:37 UTC

Moon, Mars and Saturn

Mars, Moon and SaturnMars and Saturn are moving toward opposition (in May and June, respectively), which means they are going to be rising earlier and be more visible in the evening sky, and will be brightening over the weeks ahead. These planets are in Scorpius and Ophiuchus, low in the south in the latter part of the evening through the early morning hours. The waning Moon passes through this region over the nights of 24-25-26 April and should be a nice picture mixed with orange Mars, yellow Sa

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Apr 19 2016
06:26 UTC

April Lunacy: Getting Ready for the Full Mini-Moon'

Do you welcome the extra evening light of the Full Moon, or curse the additional light pollution? Either way, this week's Full Moon on Friday April 22nd is special. It's the smallest Full Moon of 2016, something we here at Universe Today have christened the Mini-Moon. Mini-Moon 2016: This year's Mini-Moon falls on April 22nd at 5:25 Universal Time (UT), just 13 hours and 19 minutes after lunar apogee the evening prior at 16:06 UT on April 21st. Though apogee on the 21st is 406,350 km distant ...

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Apr 15 2016
03:59 UTC

the best temperature-gravity relationship ever

We have realized that Anna Ho has the most detailed, feature-rich diagram of the temperature–gravity relationship for red giant stars ever created. She has 450,000 red giants from LAMOST labeled with APOGEE and The Cannon. None of these giants is supremely precisely labeled with either temperature or gravity, however, the sheer numbers make for visibility of very subtle features in the diagram that have (perhaps) never been seen before. Anna made visualizations and a gif of the data, and w

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Apr 08 2016
18:57 UTC

Weekly Space Hangout — Apr. 8, 2016: Space News Roundup

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Guests: Kimberly Cartier (@AstroKimCartier ) Morgan Rehnberg (MorganRehnberg. com / @MorganRehnberg ) Dave Dickinson (www. astroguyz. com / @astroguyz) Their stories this week: Blue Origin, take three! (And a SpaceX launch today) Japanese X-ray satellite NASA Announces new planet hunting instrument Weekend Occultations US Navy Resumes Celestial Navigation Training What Hit Jupiter? We've had […]The post Weekly Space Hangout – Apr. 8, 2016: Space News Roundup a

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Apr 07 2016
14:34 UTC

15 Questions about the Moon Landings

Armstrong and Aldrin were the first two people on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed there in July 1969. This astonishing achievement (which it should not be forgotten was followed […]

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Apr 07 2016
06:09 UTC

Watch the Moon Occult Vesta and Aldebaran This Weekend

So, did you miss yesterday's occultation of Venus by the Moon? It was a tough one, to be sure, as the footpath for the event crossed Europe and Asia in the daytime. Watch that Moon, though, as it crosses back into the evening sky later this week, and occults (passes in front of) the bright star Aldebaran for eastern North America and, for Hawaii-based observers, actually covers the brightest of the asteroids, 4 Vesta. These events are all part of a cycle of occultations spanning 2016. When we left

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Apr 06 2016
11:43 UTC

The April 2016 Night Sky

Spring has truly sprung. Welcome to the month of April, and doesn't time fly when you're having fun. We can hardly believe that it is April already, and we've had […]

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Mar 30 2016
06:30 UTC

A Challenging Daytime Occultation of Venus for Europe

Sometimes, the Universe seems bent on hiding the most glorious of events right in plain sight. Just a such an event occurs next week, when the slender waning crescent Moon occults the planet Venus for observers across Europe, the United Kingdom and northern Asia. Now, the bad news. This event occurs after sunrise on the morning of April 6th, while Venus sits just 16 degrees west of the Sun. The rest of the world will see a very close pairing of the two. New Moon for lunation 1154 occurs at 11:24

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