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Apr 18 2016
22:49 UTC

Introducing Ida Luna

... we're enjoying this new life together. this is our

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Apr 01 2016
03:59 UTC

gut bacteria and flaring stars

Recovering from the red-eye, this was a low-research day. Tarmo ijö (SCDA) gave a nice talk in the morning about modeling biome populations in the human gut, using multinomial distributions with a time-dependent set of population fractions, which themselves come from a Gaussian Process. He uses STAN to do the sampling; it is impressive the complexity of the models that STAN can handle, and sample well. They find changes in the biome during and after diseases, and also some species that see...

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Mar 31 2016
03:59 UTC

NG Next SfL, day 2

At Northrop Grumman today, Justin Crepp (Notre Dame) talked about future extreme high precision radial-velocity spectrographs that could capitalize on adaptive optics to make them more precise, more stable, and smaller. He has a demo concept working and this could be the future! Rmi Soummer (STScI) talked about coronograph concepts for WFIRST and future missions. Soummer's talk had a huge impact on me: He showed that a coronograph actually brings the light to three successive foci, with

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Mar 30 2016
03:59 UTC

NG Next SfL, day 1

... workshop on the search for life around other stars. It was a remarkably interdisciplinary day, and I learned a huge amount. An incomplete and personal list of highlights follow. Tom Vice (NG Aerospace Systems President) and Tom Pieroneck (NG) opened up the meeting by talking about hard problems, which is a good way of thinking about building an engineering team that will have work to do for many years; I

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Mar 23 2016
03:59 UTC

cell types in the brain

In the morning, Mariano Gabitto (Columbia) spoke about identifying different cell types in the brain using gene expression. He is using probabilistic methods in a problem with integer parameters and no fixed complexity. That's challenging! The goal is to understand the “circuits” in the brain; that's a long-term goal, I suspect. In the afternoon, I gave the seminar at AMNH here in NYC. I talked about using The Cannon to get detailed chemical abundances for stars. It is a great

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