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Feb 08 2016
15:14 UTC

Peculiar Cauliflower Rocks' May Hold Clues To Ancient Mars Life

... abound on Mars, but did life ever put its stamp on the Red Planet? Rocks may hold the secret. Knobby protuberances of rock┬discovered by the Spirit Rover in 2008 near the rock outcrop Home Plate in Gusev Crater caught the attention of scientists back on Earth. They look like┬cauliflower or coral, but were these strange Martian rocks sculpted by microbes, wind or some other process?When analyzed by Spirit's mini-TES (Mini-Thermal Emission Spectrome

Posted by Universe Today

Feb 03 2016
04:59 UTC

#GaiaSprint is live; dumb ideas

... spoke at length with Daniel Foreman-Mackey about current projects, and also possible April Fools' projects. It is getting late do do the latter, since (as my loyal reader knows), we take our April Fools contributions very, very seriously. When we do them. One idea is to do some probabilistic modeling of the “Alien Megastructure” Kepler source. We also talked about recent breakthroughs with Bernhard Schölkopf and Dun Wang on doing ultra-crowded-field photometry with inde...

Posted by Hogg's Research

Feb 01 2016
19:10 UTC

Consolidating blogs

I'm consolidating some blogs here to make it easier to manage things. And a lot cheaper as with one blog you only need one backup solution, and so on. I have the site working in English and Welsh parts at the moment. The design is a bit sparse, but I can pretty it up later. […]

Posted by AlunSalt: Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

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