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Oct 28 2015
03:59 UTC

sampling in hard problems

In the morning, I had a call with Foreman-Mackey. We talked about various things. One is the possibility that we could fully sample the galaxy-deprojection or cryo-EM problems. My optimism comes from the fact that there are many samplings of low-level latent parameters that can be done independently at fixed high-level parameters. My pessimism comes from the fact that there are so many parameters. Foreman-Mackey was optimistic. We also talked about building a physical model for the Kepler

Posted by Hogg's Research

Oct 27 2015
18:53 UTC

Experimenting with Clef

I've had locks on this site, the biggest one being . htaccess so only someone with a certain IP address can access the login form. In theory this would be a great idea if I were the person with the...

Posted by AlunSalt: Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

Oct 13 2015
05:43 UTC

creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul

words of incredible wisdom from bill watterson. illustrated by gavin aung than. hell yeah.

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Oct 10 2015
23:08 UTC

prominent astronomer guilty of sexual harassment

the best thing i can say is that sexual harassment in academia is being discussed in the media and it's finally out in the open that berkeley's well known exopolanet astronomer, geoff marcy, is a serial sexual harasser. you see, for YEARS (since 2001) reports of his inappropriate actions have been known to his undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs, and formal complaints were brought to him in 2004. he was told that his massages and touches and attempted kisses and GROPES

Posted by astropixie

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