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Oct 01 2014
10:59 UTC

I'm thinking about blogging in Welsh / Dw i'n meddwl am blogio yn Gymraeg

English I'm thinking about blogging in Welsh, but confidence and competence are a problem. I'd like to be able to practice Welsh, but Knighton is not a Welsh-speaking town. So, if I am to practice, writing is best. I need to decide what write about. I get press releases from various astronomical research bodies. Translating…

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Sep 28 2014
13:42 UTC

Gerry Neugebauer

... and in my personal life. He co-advised my PhD thesis (with also Roger Blandford and Judy Cohen); we spent many nights together at the Keck and Palomar Observatories, and many lunches together with Tom Soifer and Keith Matthews at the Athenaeum (the Caltech faculty club). In my potted history (apologies in advance for errors), Gerry was one of the first people (w

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Sep 22 2014
11:58 UTC


introducing HeForShe - a fantastic initiative launched by emma watson at the UN this week. her speech is inspirational. you can hear the nerves in her voice and the wisdom in her words. gender stereotypes and expectations placed on both men and women are harmful. in her speech, watson says "I've seen young men suffering from mental illness unable to ask for help for fear it would make them look less machoin fact in the UK suicide is the biggest killer of

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Sep 10 2014
13:00 UTC

I'm more excited by Formula E than Formula 1 at the moment

The first Formula E race is due at the weekend. On paper the FIA's electric series isn't a match for Formula 1, and the F1 racing has been good at the front. However when Virgin announced their driver line-up for Formula E, it underlined F1's big problem. The one on the left is Jaime Alguersuari.…

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Sep 09 2014
11:57 UTC

Y Tour of Britain' sy'n dod i Dref-y-clawdd / The Tour of Britain visits the Big K

... http://alunsalt. com/2014/09/09/y-tour-of-britain-syn-dod-i-dref-y-clawdd-the-tour-of-britain-visits-the-big-k/feed/ 0 http://alunsalt. com/2014/09/09/y-tour-of-britain-syn-dod-i-dref-y-clawdd-the-tour-of-britain-visits-the-big-k/

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