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Nov 20 2014
16:20 UTC

Raising Aspirations

... This is a difficult post to write. This has been in my head for years (many years) and it will be very long and incoherent so please bear with me. I may regret sharing these personal things with the world but here goes... I've just been crying, uncontrollably, into my lunch. It wasn't the fault of my sandwich making skills. It was because I looked at a slide from a talk. Actually, it was the second time looking at it; I looked at it earlier this morning and it had me crying then too. They are

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Nov 14 2014
01:35 UTC

but i didnt mean like that

i'll be posting about the exciting robot landing on a comet for the first time ever very soon, but i want to quickly address an aspect of the comet landing relating to the "what not to wear to a comet landing" fiasco. of course most people arent purposely trying to offend others with their words or actions, but sometimes it happens unintentionally and needs to be acknowledged, not ignored. it's easy to say Oh I didn't mean it like that or You're interpreting it the wrong way,

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Nov 08 2014
04:59 UTC

new exoplanet, black-hole states, and more

At group meeting, Hattori showed us an exoplanet discovery, made with his search for single transits! Actually, the object was a known single transit, but Hattori showed that it is in fact a double transit and has a period very different from its recorded value. So this counts as a discovery, in my book. We are nearly ready to fully launch Hattori's code "in the data center"; we just need to run it on a bunch more cases to complete our functional testing. Also at group meeting, Sanderson d

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