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Oct 16 2014
13:00 UTC


... really want a new Kindle. This makes no sense. I already have a Kindle, it works well enough. Certainly it's fast enough to read from. The money I would spend on a new Kindle I could spend on books instead. What I think has happened is association. When I think about buying a new…

Posted by AlunSalt: Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

Oct 16 2014
02:36 UTC

steve and the stars

i'm SO EXCITED to finally get to reveal this short film "steve and the stars" to everyone. i worked with the bluebottle group to produce it for the AAO. i think it captures the excitement and wonder, that cosmic vertigo that comes when thinking about our place in this unfathomably huge universe of ours. so lucky to be able to do this as my job! the official blurb and behind-the-scenes shots while filming in july 2014! Ever wonder what it's like to stay up all night using a world class 4

Posted by astropixie

Oct 14 2014
07:07 UTC

carrying a nobel prize through airport security

physics nobel prize winner brian schmidt told scientific american a funny story about what it's like to take a nobel prize medal through airport security! apparently solid gold shows up completely black through the x-ray machine. They're like, Sir, there's something in your bag.'I said, Yes, I think it's this box.'They said, What's in the box?'I said, a large gold medal,' as one does. So they opened it up and they said, What's it made out of?'I said

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Oct 12 2014
00:15 UTC

(Sci-fi) books recommended

... asked twitter for some book recommendations. either my twitter followers read a lot of science fiction, or they think i should read a lot more!thought i'd share the list here, in case anyone is looking for new books. the ones i've chosen to start with are The Martian by Andy Weir and The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, which each received quite a few independent recommendations!the new ann leckie book, if you like sci-fifun sci fi-ish books: redshirts, ready player one, & mr. P

Posted by astropixie

Oct 01 2014
10:59 UTC

I'm thinking about blogging in Welsh / Dw i'n meddwl am blogio yn Gymraeg

English I'm thinking about blogging in Welsh, but confidence and competence are a problem. I'd like to be able to practice Welsh, but Knighton is not a Welsh-speaking town. So, if I am to practice, writing is best. I need to decide what write about. I get press releases from various astronomical research bodies. Translating…

Posted by AlunSalt: Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

Sep 28 2014
13:42 UTC

Gerry Neugebauer

... and in my personal life. He co-advised my PhD thesis (with also Roger Blandford and Judy Cohen); we spent many nights together at the Keck and Palomar Observatories, and many lunches together with Tom Soifer and Keith Matthews at the Athenaeum (the Caltech faculty club). In my potted history (apologies in advance for errors), Gerry was one of the first people (w

Posted by Hogg's Research

Sep 22 2014
11:58 UTC


introducing HeForShe - a fantastic initiative launched by emma watson at the UN this week. her speech is inspirational. you can hear the nerves in her voice and the wisdom in her words. gender stereotypes and expectations placed on both men and women are harmful. in her speech, watson says "I've seen young men suffering from mental illness unable to ask for help for fear it would make them look less machoin fact in the UK suicide is the biggest killer of

Posted by astropixie

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