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Dec 31 2014
13:30 UTC

resolutions? me? what are you implying?

... improvements in daily life, but i like to think in terms of the big picture, nicely

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Dec 24 2014
22:39 UTC

merry beachmas

i'm staying in the southern hemisphere this year for the holidays, which is a change of plans due to still recovering from surgery. i've been house-sitting for some friends who live on one of sydney's lovely northern beaches. i've been taking advantage of the ocean side pool because i am finally able to swim a few laps again! the water is cold and salty, but the activity feels great after a couple months necessary rest. hope you all have a wonderful holiday seaso

Posted by astropixie

Dec 22 2014
15:44 UTC

What Does It Mean To Be Star Stuff'?

At one time or another, all science enthusiasts have heard the late Carl Sagan's infamous words: “We are made of star stuff.” But what does that mean exactly? How┬could┬colossal┬balls of┬plasma, greedily burning away┬their┬nuclear fuel in faraway time and space, play any part in spawning┬the┬vast complexity of our┬Earthly world? How is it that “the nitrogen in […]

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Dec 17 2014
17:13 UTC

NASA's Curiosity Rover detects Methane, Organics on Mars

... or present — of life on Mars. Indeed, the extraordinary claim required extraordinary […]

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Dec 11 2014
18:29 UTC

Gamma Ray Bursts Limit The Habitability of Certain Galaxies, Says Study

... catastrophic consequences for life […]

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