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May 26 2015
21:00 UTC

NASA Selects Mission Science Instruments Searching for Habitability of Jupiter's Ocean Moon Europa

In a major move forward on a long dreamed of mission to investigate the habitability of the subsurface ocean of Jupiter's mysterious moon Europa, top NASA officials announced today, Tuesday, May 26, the selection of nine science instruments that will fly on the agency's long awaited planetary science mission to an intriguing world that many […]

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May 20 2015
20:27 UTC

Stargazing in May

If you missed the Lyrids meteor shower in April, starting of May you had another chance to see some shooting stars as the Eta Aquarids meteor shower peaks on the […]

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May 20 2015
15:26 UTC

Watch Jupiter Get Blasted by an Iridium Flare

Cue the “Space Invaders” sound effects! We've shared previously how astrophotographer Thierry Legault will travel anywhere to get a unique shot. He took this impressive but fun video of an Iridium 72 satellite flaring and passing in front of Jupiter, traveling to Oostende Beach at the North Sea in Belgium to capture this transit. He […]

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May 08 2015
19:02 UTC

Weekly Space Hangout — May 8, 2015: Emily Rice & Brian Levine from Astronomy on Tap

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: Emily Rice & Brian Levine from Astronomy on Tap Guests: Jolene Creighton (@jolene723 / fromquarkstoquasars. com) Charles Black (@charlesblack / sen. com/charles-black) Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein) Dave Dickinson (@astroguyz / www. astroguyz. com) (...)Read the rest of Weekly Space Hangout – May 8, 2015: Emily Rice & Brian Levine from Astronomy on Tap (597 […]

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