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Oct 28 2014
20:22 UTC

Just In Time for Halloween: Jupiter Gets a Giant Cyclops Eye!

Halloween is just around the corner. And in what appears to be an act of cosmic convergence, Hubble captured a spooky image of Jupiter staring back at us with a cyclops eye! While this is merely a convenient illusion caused by the passage of Ganymede in front of Jupiter – something it does on a […]

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Oct 28 2014
14:58 UTC

Here's Looking At You: Spooky Shadow Play Gives Jupiter a Giant Eye

Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Ganymede's Shadow (Full-Disk, Color) Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center)Acknowledgment: C. Go and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)Release Images Hubble treats astronomers to gorgeous close-up views of the eerie outer planets. But it's a bit of a trick when it seems like the planet's looking back at you! This happened on April 21, 2014, when Hubble was being used to monitor changes in Jupiter's immense Gre

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Oct 24 2014
14:58 UTC

Stargazing in November

Despite November marking when it really becomes colder and everyone has to adopt of the coat once again, it is a great month for stargazing and especially for those wanting […]

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Oct 17 2014
13:15 UTC

Death Star' Ocean? Seven Moons That Could Host Huge Hidden Liquid Reservoirs

Could there be an ocean hidden somewhere in that Death Star-like picture? This is an image of Mimas, a moon of Saturn, and just yesterday (Oct. 15) newly released data from the Cassini spacecraft suggests there are big liquid reservoirs underneath its surface. “The amount of the to-and-fro motion indicates that Mimas' interior is not […]

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Oct 16 2014
14:32 UTC

Historic Robotic Spacecraft Poster Survey

Our new Kickstarter project proposes the creation of three screen-printed posters celebrating the most popular and notable interplanetary robotic space missions in history. Going into this, we knew that poster #1 had to go to the hugely popular Voyager missions (shown above). However, we need your help selecting the themes of

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Oct 14 2014
14:03 UTC

Tiny Satellites Could Hitchhike To Europa With Bigger NASA Mission Concept

When you've got a $2 billion mission concept to head to Europa, it's likely a good idea to pack as much science on this mission as possible. That's the thinking that NASA had as it invited 10 universities to send their ideas for CubeSats — tiny satellites — that would accompany the Europa Clipper mission […]

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Oct 07 2014
02:51 UTC

Australian Astronomical Observatory on YouTube!

i've been working to launch an AAO YouTube channel and guess what - it finally happened! our first instalment is a new time-lapse video from AAO's Angel Lopez-Sanchez filmed at siding spring observatory. please enjoy "the sky over siding spring observatory" and subscribe to the AAO's YouTube channel to keep up to date with the video releases i'll be posting once a month or so. topics to be covered include: what is a spectrum, a short documentary about observing, how we

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