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Mar 31 2014
17:13 UTC

4 Sky Events This Week: A Cosmic Kite and the King of Planets

As springtime winds begin to blow, a giant celestial kite sets sail, riding high in the night sky. For sky-watchers, another delightful week is ahead for observing the heavens, with the moon waxing after an early┬absence┬and taking a starring role in the celestial encounters ahead. Springtime kite. With the moon missing for most of the…

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Mar 30 2014
11:06 UTC

dear blog

dear blog,i do think about you, sweet blog. i think about things i'd like to write and post and share and comment on, and then i cant seem to find the time. it's some combination of my new(ish) job, that has me doing outreachy type things for the AAO during my days, and rekindling a couple old hobbies, that has taken my attention away from you. i'll try to do better. i want to do better. in fact, i want to move you to a different host and redesign your look

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Mar 25 2014
21:26 UTC

New Storms on Jupiter Look Like Mickey Mouse

We told you this was going to be a good season to observe Jupiter, and astrophotographers in the northern hemisphere have been making the most of this time of opposition where Jupiter has been riding high in the sky. What we didn't know was that there was going to be a familiar face staring back […]

Posted by Universe Today

Mar 19 2014
19:51 UTC

Twin NASA Probes Find Zebra Stripes in Earth's Radiation Belt

Earth's inner radiation belt displays a curiously zebra-esque striped pattern, according to the latest findings from NASA's twin Van Allen Probes. What's more, the cause of the striping seems to be the rotation of the Earth itself — something that was previously thought to be impossible. “it is truly humbling, as a theoretician, to see […]

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Mar 13 2014
13:14 UTC

A String of Bright Planets

Evening Sky around 11:00 pm local daylight saving tine showing Jupiter, Mars and Saturn (and the Moon and Vesta). Click to embiggen. Morning Sky around 6:00 am local daylight saving tine showing Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Click to embiggen. You can see all five of the classic bright planets strung out across the sky if you stay up a bit late and arise a bit early over the next week or so.Jupiter, Mars and Saturn can be seen stretched across the sky from the north-western to the eastern

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Mar 13 2014
12:54 UTC

Physicists Reveal the Hidden Interiors of Gas Giants

In astronomy we love focusing on the bigger picture. We're searching for exoplanets in the vast hope that we may begin to paint a picture of how planetary systems form; We're using the Hubble Space Telescope to peer into the earliest history of the cosmos; And we're building gravitational wave detectors in order to better […]

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Mar 13 2014
11:15 UTC

Wonders of the March Night Sky

Since March means Mars' month in Latin, we should find it a minor coincidence that Earth's red terrestrial neighbour plays a more major role in the sky over the next […]

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Mar 11 2014
02:09 UTC

Europa or bust: possible mission to icy moon in fy 2015 budget proposal

For┬scientists and space enthusiasts┬who have been advocating a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, there was some good news this week from NASA. A mission to Europa has been┬officially included in the┬NASA 2015 Budget request. The inclusion is a reason for cautious optimism; while naming it as a target for a future robotic mission in the … Continue Reading →The post Europa or bust: possible mission to icy moon in fy 2015 budget proposal appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

Posted by The Meridiani Journal

Mar 10 2014
18:52 UTC

5 Sky Events of the Week: Stellar Peak-a-Boo and Leo Paws at the Moon

With a change of seasons only days away, mid-March skies offer celestial sights that┬even the novice stargazer will find┬easy to enjoy. Lunar rectangle. After nightfall on Monday, March 10, look for the waxing gibbous moon to form a corner of a rectangle with Jupiter and the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, high in the southern…

Posted by Breaking Orbit

Mar 06 2014
02:10 UTC

Moon and Winter Stars and Star Clusters

Moon visits the Winter CircleThe March evening sky features the bold constellations and bright stars of Orion, Gemini, Taurus, Canis Major and Canis Minor. Jupiter is currently occupying a prominent position and this week the Moon passes through this rich part of the sky, enhancing the view with its close encounters with stars and star clusters. On March 7th the Moon will be passing through the Hyades star cluster and two days later through the band of the Milky Way between Orion and Gemini. If

Posted by The Urban Astronomer

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