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Sep 29 2014
03:22 UTC

Kickstarter Project Coming Oct 1

Our new Kickstarter campaign will be live in a few days. The Jupiter illustration above is just a detail from the animation we are producing for the campaign page.

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Sep 26 2014
15:08 UTC

Stargazing in October

October is an interesting month for astronomers as World Space Week falls from 4 October until 10 October and coincidentally it's a good month for keen astronomers to take to […]

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Sep 22 2014
21:29 UTC

Beautiful Astrophoto: Jupiter at Dawn

Prolific astrophotographer Joseph Brimacombe from Australia shot this beauty from his Savannah Skies Observatory near Cairns. He notes on Flickr that “Jupiter has been enhanced for effect,” but what a lovely effect! Plus what a great view of the landscape in Queensland. (...)Read the rest of Beautiful Astrophoto: Jupiter at Dawn (60 words) ¬ nancy […]

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Sep 15 2014
16:14 UTC

4 Sky Events This Week: Moon Points to Crab and Leo's Heart

... Lion's Heart and some starry graveyards come this way for skywatchers.

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Sep 10 2014
15:14 UTC

Discover's Best of Amateur Imagers

Discover online has an article today about some of the best in amateur space imaging. Many of which have been featured here on Wanderingspace before like Gordan Ugarkovic, Emily Lakdawalla and¬Bjorn Jonsson to name a few. The last item from Bill Dunford of Riding With Robots is an image that he actually suggested NASA point

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Sep 09 2014
22:50 UTC

Plate tectonics may increase chances for life on Europa

Jupiter's moon Europa is a fascinating little world, but particularly so for one reason: water. It's deep alien ocean underneath the surface ice is reminiscent of our own planet, and since our oceans and seas are teeming with life, even beneath the ice at the poles, could Europa's ocean also harbor life of some kind? … Continue Reading →The post Plate tectonics may increase chances for life on Europa appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

Posted by The Meridiani Journal

Sep 09 2014
14:52 UTC

Could Plate Tectonics Create Cracks And Odd Terrain In Cold Europa's Crust?

Mysteries abound on icy Europa, that cold moon of Jupiter. Even years after the Galileo spacecraft finished its mission in the Jovian system, scientists are still trying to figure out the nature of the cracks on Europa's surface. In an exciting find, one new paper suggests that at least part of the terrain could be […]

Posted by Universe Today

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