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May 18 2016
18:45 UTC

Friendly Giants Have Cozy Habitable Zones Too

It is an well-known fact that all stars have a lifespan. This begins with their formation, then continues through their Main Sequence phase (which constitutes the majority of their life) before ending in death. In most cases, stars will swell up to several hundred times their normal size as they exit the Main Sequence phase of their life, during which time they will likely consume any planets that orbit closely to them. However, for planets that orbit the star at greater distances (beyond the sys

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May 18 2016
14:58 UTC

Jupiter blasted by 6.5 fireball impacts per year on average Further information

March 17th fireball captured by Gerrit Kernbauer and John McKeonImage processed by Sebastian VoltmerCredit: G. Kernbauer, J. McKeon, S. Voltmer Animation of 17th March impact observed by John McKeonCredit: J McKeonJupiter is hit by an average of 6. 5 objects per year that create impacts large enough to be visible from Earth, according to preliminary results from a worldwide campaign by amateur astronomers to observe the giant planet. The estimate was presented at an international works

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May 13 2016
16:09 UTC

The May 2016 Night Sky

It's the middle of May! Let's go out tonight and look at the stars! At this time of year in the UK and Ireland, our nights are getting later and […]

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Apr 27 2016
21:08 UTC

How Do We Terraform Saturn's Moons?

Continuing with our Definitive Guide to Terraforming, Universe Today is happy to present our guide to terraforming Saturn's Moons. Beyond the inner Solar System and the Jovian Moons, Saturn has numerous satellites that could be transformed. But should they be? Around the distant gas giant Saturn lies a system of rings and moons that is unrivaled in terms of beauty. Within this system, there is also enough resources that if humanity were to harness them - i. e. if the issues of transport and

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