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May 29 2016
18:22 UTC

Reborn Antares Raised at Virginia Launch Pad for Crucial May 31 Engine Test

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA - The soon to be reborn Orbital ATK Antares commercial rocket sporting new first stage engines has been raised at its repaired launch pad on Virginia's scenic eastern shore for a long awaited test firing of the powerplants. The static test firing is now slated to take place in less than 3 days on Tuesday evening, May 31. The now revamped launch vehicle - dubbed Antares 230 - has been re-engined' and upgraded with a pair of modern and more powerful first stage engines -

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May 25 2016
19:44 UTC

The Bigelow Expandable Module Is About To Blow Up

People who aren't particularly enthusiastic about space science and space exploration often accuse those of us who are, of "living in a bubble." There are so many seemingly intractable problems here on Earth, so they say, that it's foolish to spend so much money and time on space exploration. But if all goes well with the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) at the ISS this week, astronauts may well end up living in a sort of bubble.[embed]https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=RlApew9O3TE&feature

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May 20 2016
04:04 UTC

Orbital ATK Proposes Man-Tended Lunar-Orbit Outpost by 2020 for Link Up with NASA's Orion

Orbital ATK has unveiled a practical new proposal to build a near term man-tended outpost in lunar orbit that could launch by 2020 and be operational in time for a lunar link-up with NASA's Orion crew module during its maiden mission, when American astronauts finally return to the Moon's vicinity in 2021 - thus advancing America's next giant leap in human exploration of deep space. The intrepid offer by Orbital could be carried out rather quickly because it utilizes an evolved version of th

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May 13 2016
22:16 UTC

1st Boeing Starliner Hull Assembled as 1st Crew Flight Delays to 2018

As completion nears for the prototype of Boeing's first Starliner astronaut taxi, the aerospace firm announced a slip into 2018 for the blastoff date of the first crewed flight in order to deal with spacecraft mass, aerodynamic launch and flight software issues, a Boeing spokesperson told Universe Today. Until this week, Boeing was aiming for a first crewed launch of the commercial Starliner capsule by late 2017, company officials had said. The new target launch date for the first astronauts fly

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May 11 2016
23:51 UTC

SpaceX Dragon Returns to Earth After Splashdown with Critical NASA Science

... SpaceX cargo Dragon spacecraft loaded with nearly two tons of critical NASA science and technology experiments and equipment returned to Earth this afternoon, Wednesday, May 11, safely splashing down in the Pacific Ocean - and bringing about a successful conclusion to its mission to the International Space Station (ISS) that also brought aloft a new room for the resident crew. Following a month long stay at the orbiting outpost, Dragon was released from the grip of the stations Canadian-built r

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