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Jan 09 2015
23:48 UTC

What Is This Empty Hole In Space?

What may appear at first glance to be an eerie, empty void in an otherwise star-filled scene is really a cloud of cold, dark dust and molecular gas, so dense and opaque that it obscures the distant stars that lie beyond it from our point of view. Similar to the more well-known Barnard 68, “dark […]

Posted by Universe Today

Jan 07 2015
11:29 UTC

Where Did All the Stars Go?

... nebula LDN 483 PR Video eso1501bClose-up view of the dark nebula LDN 483 Dark cloud obscures hundreds of background starsSome of the stars appear to be missing in this intriguing new ESO image. But the black

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Dec 17 2014
12:21 UTC

The Hot Blue Stars of Messier 47

... Messier 47 PR Video eso1441bClose up view of the bright star cluster Messier 47 This spectacular image of the star cluster Mes

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

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