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Aug 23 2015
12:15 UTC

ESO’s Top Ten

... discoveries made using the ESO telescopes. It's a good list !. Video by

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Aug 19 2015
12:19 UTC

Sibling Stars

... cluster IC 4651 PR Video eso1534bThe rich star cluster IC 4651 Open star clusters like the one seen here are not just perfect subjects for pretty pictures. Most stars form within clusters and these clusters can be used by astronomers as la

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Aug 10 2015
21:33 UTC

Our Universe is Dying

Brace yourselves:¬winter is coming. And by winter I mean the slow heat-death of the Universe, and by brace yourselves I mean don't get terribly concerned because the process will take a very, very, very long time. (But still, it's¬coming.) (...)Read the rest of Our Universe is Dying (468 words) ¬ Jason Major for Universe Today, […]

Posted by Universe Today

Aug 10 2015
20:23 UTC

Charting the Slow Death of the Universe

PR Image eso1533aGalaxy images from the GAMA survey GAMA survey releases first data at IAU General AssemblyAn international team of astronomers studying more than 200 000 galaxies has measured the energy generated within a large portion of space more precisely than ever before. This represents the most comprehensive assessment of the energy output of the nearby Universe. They confirm that the energy produced in a section of the Universe today is only about half what it was two billion years

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Aug 06 2015
03:10 UTC

The Ghost of a Dying Star

... ESO 378-1 PR Video eso1532bPanning across the planetary nebula ESO 378-1 This extraordinary bubble, glowing like the ghost of a star in the haunting darkness of space, may appear supernatural and mysterious, but it is a familiar astronomical

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Jul 29 2015
11:57 UTC

First Detection of Lithium from an Exploding Star

... 2013 Videos PR Video eso1531aZooming in on Nova Centauri 2013 The chemical element lithium has been found for the first time in material ejected by a nova. Observations of Nova Centauri 2013 made using telescopes at ESO's La S

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Jul 28 2015
10:35 UTC

A Spectacular View of the Lagoon Nebula

Peer deep into the constellation Sagittarius and you will find a spectacular young star cluster and its associated stellar nursery. These are M8 and the Lagoon Nebula.   More than […]

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