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Apr 10 2014
05:54 UTC

A Cosmic Gem

The ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chili gives is the nice look at the Planetary Nebula Abell 33. Abell 33 is located in the constellation Hydra. You can look around the region with The Microsoft Research Worldwide Telescope – enjoy! … Continue reading →

Posted by Tom's Astronomy Blog

Apr 09 2014
12:23 UTC

Chance Meeting Creates Celestial Diamond Ring

... nebula Abell 33 PR Video eso1412bPanning across the planetary nebula Abell 33 Astronomers using ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile have captured this eye-catching image of pl

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Apr 02 2014
13:45 UTC

Tranquil-Looking Galaxy Bears Battle Scars' From Ancient Struggles

Shining 60 million light-years away all serene-looking is NGC 1316 (left) and a smaller galaxy NGC 1317. This new picture from the┬European Southern Observatory's La Silla Observatory in Chile, however, reveals “battle scars” of ancient fights, the observatory stated. (...)Read the rest of Tranquil-Looking Galaxy Bears ‘Battle Scars' From Ancient Struggles (212 words) ┬ Elizabeth […]

Posted by Universe Today

Apr 02 2014
12:05 UTC

Galactic Serial Killer

... 1316 and 1317 PR Video eso1411bPanning across the galaxies NGC 1316 and 1317 This new image from the MPG/ESO 2. 2-metre telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile shows two contras

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Mar 26 2014
22:42 UTC

First Ring System Around Asteroid

... asteroid Chariklo PR Video eso1410cArtist's impression of ring system around asteroid Char

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Mar 26 2014
18:45 UTC

Rings Discovered Around an Asteroid

... Neptune. But today, ESO astronomers have revealed a surprising discovery: there are also rings surrounding┬the┬asteroid 10199 Chariklo, a small, distant world orbiting the Sun far┬beyond Saturn. This makes 250-km-wide Chariklo the fifth […]

Posted by Lights in the Dark

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