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Feb 11 2016
05:05 UTC

Reflection Nebula

... in this image from ESO's La Silla Observatory in […]

Posted by Tom's Astronomy Blog

Feb 10 2016
12:40 UTC

A Star's Moment in the Spotlight

... nebula IC 2631 PR Video eso1605bClose-up of the reflection nebula IC 2631 A newly formed star lights up the surrounding cosmic clouds in this new image from ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile. Dust

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Feb 03 2016
15:07 UTC

The Deep-Frozen Flying Saucer

... OphiuchusVideos PR Video eso1604aZooming in on the Flying Saucer protoplanetary discALMA finds unexpectedly cold grains in planet-forming discAstron

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Jan 27 2016
16:57 UTC

The Milky Way's Clean and Tidy Galactic Neighbour

... galaxy IC 1613 PR Video eso1603cIC1613 Fulldome Flythrough Many galaxies are chock-full of dust, while others have occasional dark streaks of opaque cosmic soot swirling in amongst their gas and stars. However, the subjec

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

Jan 15 2016
15:41 UTC

The Turbulent Birth of a Quasar

PR Image eso1602aArtist's impression of the galaxy W2246-0526 The most luminous galaxy known in the Universe the quasar W2246-0526, seen when the Universe was less than 10% of its current age is so turbulent that it is in the process of ejecting its entire supply of star-forming gas, according to new observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). Quasars are distant galaxies with very active supermassive black holes at their centres that spew out powe

Posted by astronomy cmarchesin

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