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Aug 17 2014
12:48 UTC

Newcastle Joins the Resurgence of UK Physics

I've posted a couple of times about how Physics seems to undergoing a considerable resurgence in popularity at undergraduate level across the United Kingdom, with e. g. Lincoln University setting up a new programme. Now there's further evidence in that Newcastle University has now decided to re-open its Physics course for 2015 entry. The University of […]

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Aug 16 2014
13:40 UTC

Sussex and the World Premier League of Physics

In the office again busy finishing off a few things before flying off for another conference (of which more anon). Anyway, I thought I'd take a short break for a cup of tea and a go on the blog. Today is the first day of the new Premiership season and , coincidentally, last week saw […]

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Aug 15 2014
16:40 UTC

AASWOMEN Newsletter for August 15, 2014

AAS Committee on the Status of WomenIssue of August 15, 2014eds: Daryl Haggard, Nicolle Zellner, Meredith Hughes, & Elysse VoyerThis week's issues:1. All Sparks Are Good Sparks2. Report from 5th International Conference on Women in Physics 3. Career Profiles: Astronomer to President of a Defense Industry Company4. AAS/DPS Astronomy Ambassadors Outreach Workshop5. Top Math Prize Has Its First Female Winner6. Should Women "Man Up" for Male-dominated Fields?7. How "The Big Bang Theory

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Aug 15 2014
10:22 UTC

Do-It-Yourself Supernova Explosion

Visitors to the office of the Head of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex often remark upon the presence of these two objects and inquire as to their purpose: Since I don't play golf and am a bit long in the tooth to be a fan of Peppa Pig, […]

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Aug 14 2014
04:15 UTC

Advice for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy Students on Clearing!

Got your A-level results? Not made your first-choice University? My advice is: We still some have places in the School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex. Whether you're interested in Physics, Astrophysics, Astronomy or Mathematics (or even a combination of those subjects), why not just take a look at the University's […]

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Aug 13 2014
08:16 UTC

Mathematics at Sussex: the videos!

... recently posted a couple of videos illustrating some aspects of our undergraduate teaching in the¬Department of Physics & Astronomy here at the University of Sussex. Since I'm Head of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, which encompasses Mathematics and Statistics as well as Physics & Astronomy, I thought I'd redress the balance with […]

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Aug 08 2014
11:41 UTC

Higher Education Funding: A Modest Proposal

... signs that the higher education funding system is likely to be a hot topic. The Conservatives, for example, are reportedly considering removing the cap on tuition fees (currently set at ¬£9K per annum) while Labour is talking about reducing the figure to ¬£6K. Labour's idea is […]

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Aug 07 2014
09:48 UTC

Combining Research and Teaching in Physics & Astronomy

Among the distinctive things we do here in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex are our degree programmes that involve a Research Placement (RP). Students on these courses take the normal lectures, laboratory classes and workshops during the academic year, but they spend the summer vacation doing (paid) work […]

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Jul 28 2014
15:42 UTC

Annual Atlanta Star Party Coming Soon!

... astronomy research and education at the Annual Atlanta Star Party! What: Since 2009, this annual charity event celebrates science and space, and brings people together for a great cause. (...)Read the rest of […]

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