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Apr 27 2015
20:37 UTC

Playing With Data - Quadratic Cameos

... the science/skeptic/education scene. The past 3 years I've been working in estate jewelry and am currently functioning as an inventory manager. While it is certainly far afield of my main background, I do frequently find ways where I'm applying my scientific background. Today was a good example of that. One of our buyers has a fondness for cameos. Unfortunately, cameos just don't sell

Posted by Angry Astronomer

Apr 22 2015
00:16 UTC

That's Not How Engagement Works

Let's say I'm a website designer for a company. I'm hired to produce a new website, a better website. It's hard to say exactly what defines a good website and I don't want to have to put together a huge poll of users asking for feedback. I just want to work with what I have available. Namely the analytics my ISP or Google or some other company provides. One of those can be loosely defined as "engagement". Are users staying on the site longer? Are they clicking things? Do they

Posted by Angry Astronomer

Apr 20 2015
13:30 UTC

Some Professors are More Biased Than Others

Motivated by a New York Times article, I looked up a paper in the Journal of Psychology about a study done to assess bias in university professors. The results were based on a large blind audit of professors in various fields and were remarkable. In all fields except the humanities, professors systematically replied to correspondence from professors than students with white male names differently than students with female names or names suggesting non-white race. The study was perform

Posted by Women In Astronomy

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