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Jan 23 2014
09:00 UTC

Eleven Plus Forty Years On

Today is the fortieth anniversary of an important historical event. Well, no. It's not actually. It is however the fortieth anniversary of an important event in my life or, as they say on Facebook, a life event on my timeline. On January 23rd 1974 (in the middle of the “Three Day Week”), I arrived at […]

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Jan 21 2014
16:11 UTC

Why Is the Solar System Flat?

It's no mystery that the planets, moons, asteroids, etc. in the Solar System are arranged in a more-or-less flat, plate-like alignment in their orbits around the Sun.* But why is that? In a three-dimensional Universe, why should anything have a particular alignment at all? In yet another entertaining video from the folks at MinutePhysics, we […]

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Jan 18 2014
07:37 UTC

Qualification Matters

Yesterday evening I had a very enjoyable dinner with a seminar speaker and group of students from the Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute at Nagoya University. On the way back to the guest house I'm staying in, at about 9. 30pm, we passed a group of young kids in uniform apparently returning from school. I was told that they […]

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Jan 17 2014
14:39 UTC

A Launchpad into the Space Industry

Teachers from across Northern Ireland have come together to learn how to build and launch their own rockets. It's all part of an initiative deriving from a new Space Science […]

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Jan 16 2014
15:45 UTC

New Online Classes to Help You Learn More about the Universe

Roughly eighty percent of all the mass in the Universe is made of dark matter — a mysterious invisible substance responsible for the structure of galaxies and the patterns of the cosmos on the very largest scales. But how do we know that? Astronomical images are beautiful, but that's not their primary purpose from a […]

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Jan 14 2014
01:14 UTC

A Summer of Undergraduate Physics Research

... was compiling a bibliography for a new paper yesterday and noticed that a paper published in December 2013¬cited one I wrote in 2005 with Andrew Stannard while I was working¬at the University of¬Nottingham; the rarity of anyone actually referring to any of my papers caught my attention. I include the abstract of the Stannard-Coles […]

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