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Oct 14 2015
19:00 UTC

Career Profiles: Astronomer to STEM Education Policy Executive

... astronomer turned STEM education after-school executive and advocate. If you have questions, suggestions, advice to share, etc. about this

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Oct 07 2015
03:59 UTC

#DSEsummit, day 2

In the morning, Katy Huff (UCB) gave an energizing talk about The Hacker Within, which is a program to have peers teach peers about their data-science (or programming or engineering) skills to improve everyone's scientific capabilities. The model is completely ground-up and self-organized, and she is trying to make it easy for other institutions to “get infected” by the virus. She had some case studies and insights about the conditions under which a self-organized peer-educatio

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Oct 03 2015
03:59 UTC

#AstroHackWeek 2015, day 5

In the morning, tutorials were again from Brewer and Marshall, this time on MCMC sampling. Baron got our wrap-up presentation document ready while I started writing a title, abstract, and outline for a possible first paper on what we are doing. This has been an amazingly productive week for me; Baron and I both learned a huge amount but also accomplished a huge amount. Now, to sustain it. The hack-week wrap-up session blew my mind. Rather than summarize what I liked most, I will just point yo

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