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May 04 2014
12:28 UTC

Your Chance to Influence UK Government Investment in Science

... recent piece of bloggery by esteemed Professor Jon Butterworth¬0f the Grauniad reminded me that an important government consultation has just opened. In fact it opened on 25th April, but I neglected to post about it then as I was on my Easter break. I'm now passing it on to you via this blog, by […]

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May 01 2014
17:28 UTC

St Patrick’s Academy Rockets Ahead

Encouraging school children to enter the world of aerospace, engineering¬and science This is the motto for the Aerospace Youth Rocketry Challenge which takes place across the globe. ¬The prize, if […]

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Apr 28 2014
16:37 UTC

Promoting Women in Physics at Sussex

At the end of a very busy day of meetings I suddenly remembered that I forgot to pass on a nice bit of news about the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sussex. It doesn't seem very long ago at all that I announced the promotion of its first ever female Professor […]

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Apr 24 2014
12:45 UTC

Why Graduate Teaching Assistantships Should Be Scrapped

There's an interesting piece in today's Times Higher about the variability in pay and working conditions for Graduate Teaching Assistants across the UK Higher Education sector. For those of you not up with the lingo, Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) are (usually) PhD students who fund their doctoral studies by doing some teaching for the department […]

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Apr 23 2014
16:45 UTC

A Note to the Physics REF Panel

I've just been skimming through an interesting report about the strength of UK physics research. One of the conclusions of said document is that UK physics research is the best in the world in terms of quality. I couldn't resist a brief post to point this out to any members of the Physics panel involved […]

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Apr 22 2014
14:51 UTC

The Stifling Effect of REF Impact

Well, I'm back to civilization (more or less) and with my plan to watch a day of cricket at Sophia Gardens thwarted by the rain I decided to pop into an internet caf and do a quick post about one of the rants that has been simmering on the back burner while I've been taking […]

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Apr 15 2014
16:18 UTC

Magnetic River

... stumbled across this yesterday as a result of an email from a friend who shall remain nameless (i. e. Anton). I remember seeing Prof. Eric Laithwaite¬on the television quite a few times when I was a kid. What I found so interesting about watching this so many years later is that it's still so watchable […]

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Apr 14 2014
12:49 UTC

Awards and Rewards

... surge in the polls for footballer John Brayford of Sheffield United (in the Midlands) has left my dreams of the coveted title of Beard of Spring in ruins. I'm still in second place, but with the leader on 83. 7% I think I'll shortly be writing my concession speech… Fortunately, however my disappointment at fading […]

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Apr 12 2014
13:54 UTC

Odds, Ends and Admissions

Term has ended at last. These 12-week teaching terms we have at Sussex are quite exhausting, but we got there in the end. In fact, I much prefer doing all the teaching in one block like that instead of having to split it in order to accommodate the Easter holiday which happens when Easter is […]

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Apr 10 2014
11:51 UTC

Equations in Physics

... so you know that our education system is safe in the hands of Michael Gove I thought I would pass on a couple of examples from the latest official guidance on subject content for GCSE Combined Science. These are both from Appendix 1, entitled Equations in Physics. Example one: kinetic energy = 0. 5 x […]

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