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Mar 15 2016
03:59 UTC

populations of exoplanets and binary stars

... positive rates in Kepler data. He is working on vetting true exoplanet candidates (that is, making decisions about individual systems) and also modeling jointly the exoplanet and binary-star populations. We discussed various issues in all of this. Morton's current goal is to underst

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Mar 10 2016
04:59 UTC

Kant was wrong?

... and lower resolution data than anyone imagined. Now we have to make this case in such a way that we influence future projects!Late in the day, Juna Kollmeier (OCIW) gave a talk at the Simons Foundation. She gave a wide-ranging talk, about gravity from large scales to black holes. The questions were all about Einstein

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Feb 24 2016
02:43 UTC

fitting with upper limits, stars in accretion disks

... strategy of getting the data provider to replace the upper limits with forced measurements (who said measurements have to deviate significantly from zero to be useful?) to the ur-Bayesian strategy of including the miss

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Feb 23 2016
00:28 UTC

a new kind of photometric redshift

Boris Leistedt came by for an hour to discuss his progress on huge-survey photometric redshift determination. His method is truly novel: It is not a template-based method in the traditional sense, but it is also not a machine-learning method of the train-and-test variety (supervised regression, like Random Forest or equivalent): It uses the causal and noise model of a template method, but fits for the details of every one of the set of templates and also the luminosity functions for the galax

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