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Jul 07 2015
03:59 UTC

#eprv prep

... spent my research time today preparing my slides for the Extreme Precision Radial Velocity meeting at Yale. I am talking about noise models, arguing for creating and taking advantage of great flexibility, and then controlling complexity with priors or regularization or hierarchical inference. I also want to give some ideas about how, technically, we do what we do.

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Jul 04 2015
15:54 UTC

the probabilistic properties of The Cannon

... “Methods and data” section of the mass-and-age paper I am writing with Ness. I emphasized particularly the point that The Cannon is a probabilistic model: It is a likelihood function, which is optimized at training time, and then again at test time. The only difference between training and test is which parameters are varied. In the former, it is the spectral expectation and variance parameters, at fixed label values. In the latter, it is the label values, at

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Jun 17 2015
03:59 UTC

model all the stars (again)

... talked about where the data are, how they are indexed and named, and how to plot them. At the very end of the day, I pitched the project of making probabilistic models that can generate stellar variability (consistent with observations) to our visitor Andrew Gordon Wilson (CMU). The idea is to use all the light curve

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