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Mar 24 2014
11:39 UTC

Responding to the Mail

What was that quotation by Oscar Wilde, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us aren't reading the Daily Mail“? Last week that particular element of the gutter press took the opportunity to display its aptitude for racism and sexism in a snide piece about the appearance of two female (shock!) and non-white […]

Posted by In The Dark

Mar 20 2014
16:40 UTC


... The UK's Daily Mail reporting is shoddy at best and their content can be malicious. They make basic factual errors and aren't keen to correct mistakes. That is probably a given and I'm pretty used to the baseline level of distaste I have towards them. However, today I got much more annoyed that usual when they heavily implyed that two astronomers were invited onto the BBC's Newsnight (a 10. 30pm news programme) to talk about the recent BICEP2 cosmology results because of their gender and/or na

Posted by Astronomy Blog

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