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Apr 24 2015
22:37 UTC

Just add water: scientists explain Saturn's powerful thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are a powerful force of nature, but the ones we experience on Earth are dwarfed by the ones on the gas giant planet Saturn. They are huge and can be larger than Earth itself, and now scientists think they know why they tend to appear most prominently every 20-30 years, encircling the entire planet […]The post Just add water: scientists explain Saturn's powerful thunderstorms appeared first on .

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Apr 08 2015
05:05 UTC


The Cassini spacecraft took this image of Iapetus on 27 March from a distance of about a million km (621,000 miles). This is the second-closet approach to the moon in this mission phase. The closest was in 2011. The image was taken with the narrow angle camera and gives a good view of the bright […]

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Mar 31 2015
05:05 UTC

Wakonda Crater

The Cassini spacecraft made a close flyby of Rhea on 9 February 2015 and returned one of the highest resolution color views of the Saturn moon Rhea so far. From NASA: Images taken using clear, green, infrared and ultraviolet spectral filters were combined to create these enhanced color views, which offer an expanded range of […]

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