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Aug 18 2014
18:39 UTC

Cassini Watches Clouds Form Over Titan’s Methane Sea

What's the weather forecast on Titan? Well if you're planning a vacation down by the shores of Ligeia Mare you may get some cloudy skies, if what happened at the end of July repeats itself! The animation above was made from images acquired by Cassini during a flyby of Titan in July 2014, showing the […]

Posted by Lights in the Dark

Aug 15 2014
15:04 UTC

Need A Summer Vacation? Pictures Allow You To Tour The Solar System For Free

Many of us in the northern hemisphere are on summer vacation right now, and others are dreaming of it. While taking off somewhere exotic requires time and money, looking at pictures around the solar system provides cheaper thrills — in stranger places! Several spacecraft roaming our planetary neighborhood regularly send back raw images of what […]

Posted by Universe Today

Aug 13 2014
19:46 UTC

Sailing Over Titan's Seas in Summer

Cassini Captures Cloud Movement Over Ligeia Mare If you've ever been aboard a sailing ship, you probably know the sensation of the craft cutting through the ocean, wind at your back and a breeze in your face. It's probably the same sensation you get when you go hang-gliding, or water (or snow) skiing. It turns […]

Posted by TheSpacewriter's Ramblings

Aug 12 2014
18:48 UTC

Spacecraft Stormchasing: Titan Clouds Swirl As Saturn Moon Approaches Northern Summer

Swoosh! At long last, and later than models predicted, clouds are starting to appear on Titan's nothern hemisphere. The region is just starting to enter a seven-year-long summer, and scientists say this could be an indication of coming summer storms there. This moon of Saturn is of particular interest to astrobiologists because it has hydrocarbons […]

Posted by Universe Today

Aug 05 2014
09:22 UTC

The Eye of Saturn

Not really an eye of course, but it kind of looks like one. ÂThis is a close up view of the northern polar vortex on Saturn taken from the Cassini spacecraft. ÂI enlarged the image and enhanced it a little … Continue reading →

Posted by Tom's Astronomy Blog

Aug 04 2014
02:22 UTC

Behold Enceladus: Cassini maps 101 geysers on tiny Saturn moon

Saturn's moon Enceladus is already known as one of the most intriguing places in our solar system, and now new findings from the Cassini spacecraft have been published, which will only add to our fascination with this little world. Before Cassini, Enceladus was expected to be little more than a frozen ball of ice and … Continue Reading →The post Behold Enceladus: Cassini maps 101 geysers on tiny Saturn moon appeared first on The Meridiani Journal.

Posted by The Meridiani Journal

Jul 30 2014
20:39 UTC

Enceladus has 101 Geysers

Apparently there are a whole lot of geysers on Enceladus, more than 100. Well only one more, but there are sure to be others. Most of the geysers spotted so far appear along the four noticeably visible tiger stripes that appear in the southern hemisphere. These are two of the most recent images to come from

Posted by wanderingspace

Jul 30 2014
01:25 UTC

Scientists Discover 101 Geysers Erupting at Saturn's Intriguing Icy Moon Enceladus

Scientists analyzing the reams of data from NASA's Cassini orbiter at Saturn have discovered 101 geysers erupting from the intriguing icy moon Enceladus and that the spewing material of liquid water likely originates from an underground sea located beneath the tiny moons ice shell, according to newly published research. The geysers are composed of tiny […]

Posted by Universe Today

Jul 29 2014
10:30 UTC

Encelado, la carica dei 101... Geyser generati dal suo mare sotterraneo, by NASA!

(Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute)NEWS SPAZIO :- Qualche mese fa era stata diffusa la scoperta di nuove prove della presenza di un grande oceano di acqua nel polo sud della luna Encelado, ad opera della sonda NASA/ESA/ASI Cassini in orbita nel sistema di Saturno. Ecco il post http://newsspazio. blogspot. it/2014/04/ancora-nuove-prove-dellesistenza-di-un. html La notizia oggi che i dati di Cassini hanno identificato ben 101 distinti geyser in eruzione da Encelado. E la loro analisi

Posted by News Spazio

Jul 29 2014
09:57 UTC

Bahgdad on Enceladus

Possibly the best image ever of the Saturn moon Enceladus, well in my opinion. Be sure to click the image above for a larger version. This image looks towards the Baghdad and Damascus area of the moon. Here's an annotated … Continue reading →

Posted by Tom's Astronomy Blog

Jul 28 2014
22:28 UTC

101 Geysers Spotted Erupting From Saturn Moon

NASA's Cassini spacecraft team have numbered the plumes of Saturn's moon, Enceladus.

Posted by Breaking Orbit

Jul 23 2014
10:46 UTC

The Crescent Saturn

Cassini treats us to a view we would otherwise not get, a crescent Saturn. The view is from the unilluminated side of the rings and was taken in green light. The angle us just right at 43 degrees below the … Continue reading →

Posted by Tom's Astronomy Blog

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