The Brain Drain (BBC2/Hat Trick; 1992-1993)

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By @astronomyblog & @LoveGraphs. Stats last updated 23 March 2017.

It seems there may have been at least 14 shows and 74 listed appearances. With 6 people per show, is missing at least 12% of appearances (and probably a similar percent of people). The host/captains/regulars have included Tony Hawks (Regular × 14), Jimmy Mulville (Chair × 14), Jo Brand (Regular × 8), Tony Blackburn (celebrity question × 1), Tim Rice (celebrity question × 1), Tessa Sanderson (celebrity question × 1), Neil Kinnock (celebrity question × 1), Marjorie Proops (celebrity question × 1), John McCririck (celebrity question × 1), David Gower (celebrity question × 1), Cynthia Payne (celebrity question × 1), Annabel Croft (celebrity question × 1).


Total appearances:

73.0% (54)
27.0% (20)

Guest appearances i.e. ignoring the host/captains/regulars:

72.4% (21)
27.6% (8)


All people:

74.2% (23)
25.8% (8)

Guests i.e. ignoring the host/captains/regulars:

84.2% (16)
15.8% (3)


There is a host, a panel of four, and a question from a celebrity. Assume that Jimmy Mulville and Tony Hawks were on every episode. Assume Jo Brand was on every episode in series 2.

This episode mentions "this week's Conservative Party Conference" so must be 1992-10-10 ep 1x04

This episode mentions an affair with someone from Chelsea which may be David Mellor who resigned on 1992-09-24. It talks about the possibility of Norman Lamont resigning possibly in the wake of Black Wednesday 1992-09-16. It says Sandi was on the week before so this may be episode 1x05 (given she was on 1x04)

This episode mentions Gary Lineker leaving for Japan before "the end of February" so this is in 1992 (also the Roman numerals in the credits). Mentions Madonna's new book which was published on October 21st 1992. Assumption is that it is after that date which means it is the last episode in the series.

This episode features ltky6r8w:Tony Hawks (Himself);pvzzpp3b:Pete McCarthy (Himself);tz7to4m0:Stephen Frost (Himself);b93y6vnu:Jo Brand (Herself); - probably 2x05.

This episode featuring Sandi Toksvig and Alistair McGowan mentions that David Mellor "was recently given the title Clumsiest Communicator" so is after 1993-07-27. IMDB claims Sandi and Alastair were on episode 2x07 (1993-08-06) which fits.

Last updated: 2017/03/23