Question Time (BBC One/Mentorn; 1979-)

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By @astronomyblog & @LoveGraphs. Stats last updated 10 December 2019.

It seems there may have been at least 1423 shows and 7717 listed appearances. With 6 people per show, and iPlayer are missing at least 10% of appearances (and probably a similar percent of people). The host/captains/regulars have included David Dimbleby (Host × 911), Robin Day (Host × 297), Peter Sissons (Host × 148), Fiona Bruce (Host × 39).


Total appearances:

70.1% (5408)
29.9% (2309)

Guest appearances i.e. ignoring the host/captains/regulars:

64.0% (4029)
36.0% (2264)


All people:

62.1% (1067)
37.9% (652)

Guests i.e. ignoring the host/captains/regulars:

61.9% (1059)
38.1% (651)


Question Time has been running since 1979 so the summary is an average of the past 34 years. David Dimbleby points out that 44% of their panellists (therefore 38% of appearances including the host) in the 2014 series were women so the gender split is better than the historic average. Question Time tends to take half its panel (3) from Parliament and, as that institution under-represents women, that will affect the overall numbers too.

Note that iPlayer page for episode 20170323 claims to have Suella Fernandes MP as a guest but it was actually Brandon Lewis MP who was on the programme.

Last updated: 2019/12/10