(Not So) Small Ads

An advert seen in Telescope Trader¹

For sale: 3.8m cooled-primary infrared telescope (1979 reg). Cassegrain/wide-field modes available. <0.5" pointing. 4194m altitude site with good seeing (typically 0.5" but as good as 0.17"). Weather loss only 25%. One previous owner. Full instrument suite included. $1.3m/yr O.N.O. Some long-term liabilities apply. Contact Gary or Pat.

¹ A fictional magazine for selling telescopes. Not to be confused with a funding council home page.

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Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Tuesday 20th Nov 2012 (11:33 GMT) | 1 Comment | Permalink

Comments: (Not So) Small Ads

OK I will see.But tell me why you want to sell it?

Posted by Alex on Friday 21st Dec 2012 (16:51 UTC)


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