APOD 500,000

It was only a year ago that I mentioned that @apod had 250,000 followers on Twitter. Since then it has doubled to 500,000. This growth could be some kind of network effect caused by more re-tweets making more people aware of the account. It could be that Twitter still has @apod as an auto-follow for new account signups. Perhaps there are just more spam accounts randomly following people. Whatever the cause, I've put in no effort other than to try to keep the daily updates going despite Twitter's increasingly locked-down API.

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Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Friday 07th Sep 2012 (12:37 BST) | 2 Comments | Permalink

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The Recalibration of the Universe

Interesting article about earth magnetics and astronomy:


Posted by George on Friday 21st Sep 2012 (12:01 UTC)

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Posted by Alex on Friday 21st Dec 2012 (16:57 UTC)


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