Playing with the Moon

Aside: It's been a while since I posted because I somehow messed up my blog code over Christmas and I needed time to work out what was going wrong. I seem to have fixed it so I'm back.

I wanted to do a quick post about something I was reminded about on Twitter earlier. Moon Games is a series of photographs by Laurent Laveder which use perspective to play with the Moon when it is near the horizon. Each photograph appears to show a foreground person interacting with the Moon as if it were next to them. I first saw Laurent's images when they used a hula-hoop to illustrate an eclipse for APoD back in 2006. There are some really nice compositions and I particularly like the one with a figure trying to lasso the Moon and this one where someone appears to be painting it. If you haven't seen them before, they are well worth a look.

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Hi Stuart,

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Thanks Stuart, and great work on the blog.



Posted by Koby Geddes on Tuesday 07th Feb 2012 (04:21 UTC)

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Posted by dina on Wednesday 15th Feb 2012 (01:18 UTC)

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Posted by prakash on Thursday 08th Mar 2012 (06:20 UTC)

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