Eclipse Pics

This morning there was a partial eclipse of the Sun. No, really. Despite being at a convenient time for us, most people in the UK will have missed it due to a thick layer of cloud. However, Robert Castley from Northamptonshire did catch this nice picture of the partially eclipsed Sun rising with pylons in the foreground. Rob got this image through cloud from near Oxford and Remko go this one from an office window. To me though, the most impressive pictures I've seen so far have been images taken with a 37 GHz radio telescope at Metsähovi Radio Observatory. Thanks to Evan for spotting them.

Eclipse at 37 GHz
The eclipse of January 4th 2011 seen at a frequency of 37 GHz with radio telescopes at the Metsähovi Radio Observatory, Finland CREDIT: Metsähovi Radio Observatory

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