Temporal Gallery

The Royal Observatory Greenwich's Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition 2010 has recently finished, winners chosen and an exhibition of winners will be opening shortly.

Over the past few months astronomers have been creating galleries on Flickr showcasing a selection of entries that caught their eye. Previous galleries have included: April Apparitions by Amanda Bauer, Stories in the stars by Stuart Lynn, A June Journey by Emma Rigby and The Universe according to now by Rita Tojeiro. I was invited to contribute a gallery but the others kept using images that I've been bookmarking in their galleries! Even worse, Rita did a great job on a very similar theme to the one I'd been planning. So, having run out of time, and in need of new ideas I thought I'd theme my gallery around time itself.

In astronomy, time has always been important. For thousands of years, astronomers have noted the motions of our celestial neighbours in order to keep time; the Sun, Moon, planets and stars providing the most accurate source of time for much of early human history. In recent centurys we've come to appreciate that when we look out into space we are also looking backwards in time so, in some sense, telescopes have become time machines to the past. In modern astronomy, monitoring changes of astronomical objects with time is a new frontier and telescopes such as the LSST will allow us to make continuous videos of the night sky. The time domain is still one of the great frontiers.

Without further ado, here is my gallery dedicated to things temporal. Unfortunately, I can't include the images here due to copyright constraints.

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