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As I write this, the Newbury Astronomical Society are hosting a MoonWatch event live on Twitter. This virtual star party started at 21:30 BST and runs for another hour. The Moon is looking pretty good right now and amazingly there is a clear sky here in Manchester. As well as the Moon, Saturn can be seen a handspan away from it.

Below is a picture of the Moon taken with my cheap and cheerful digital camera pushed up against an eyepiece of my 10x50 binoculars. Not the best image in the world but you can make out some crater rims on the terminator.

The Moon imaged with a cheap digital camera looking through 10x50 binoculars. CREDIT: Stuart

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Comments: Twitter MoonWatch

Pretty cool. Twitter is being used for so many events these days, I'll be looking forward to this event and seeing what everyone has to real-time!

Posted by twitrounds on Sunday 31st May 2009 (01:31 UTC)

gravatar@Twitrounds Umm, the event was already happening when I posted this and was over when you added your comment.

Posted by Stuart on Sunday 31st May 2009 (11:49 UTC)


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Posted by marie1 on Monday 01st Jun 2009 (12:30 UTC)


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