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There are few times you hear about a revolution in our approach to a problem. For years great people have been searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) but now the WETI institute are taking a different approach. Rather than spend millions of pounds or dollars actively searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence, why not just wait for it to come and find us. This approach is much more cost effective than many projects in astronomy and is an awful lot easier too. You can even download their WETI@Home software which, given enough participation, will allow hundreds of years worth of waiting to be done in a matter of days.

The WETI institute have a poster on display at the .Astronomy conference in Cardiff and I'm going to ask them to put this brilliant piece of work online. I have the pin badge, I've read the poster, and now I'll sit back for a cup of tea and wait.

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Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Tuesday 23rd Sep 2008 (10:53 BST) | Permalink
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