Going down the pan

Students, astronomers and staff of science museums in Japan have come up with a truely novel way to disseminate astronomical discoveries - through the medium of toilet paper. Yes, you read that correctly, they are printing on the soft, squares of paper that sit by your toilet. So, not only will you now have something to read while you are... waiting... but you will learn some astronomy too.

The first edition of the astronomical toilet paper (ATP) is themed around the life-cycle of stars going from molecular clouds, the formation of a star, the growth of a red giant and finally a planetary nebula. The image quality isn't too great but then I guess the maximum dpi for toilet paper is quite limited. The second edition of ATP will feature astronomical objects in the direction of different zodiac constellations.

The down side for the international market is that these are only printed in Japanese, although English versions can be read on the website. The website also features images of the ATP on location!

Astronomical toilet paper
Astronomical toilet paper at Mauna Kea, Hawaii CREDIT: The TENPLA project.

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