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The London Planetarium is about to close its doors and start showing shows about a different type of star; the Posh & Becks variety. Apparently, as a parting gift, the London Planetarium is offering free entry until it closes its doors this Sunday 30th April. After that it will be closed for six weeks so that the changes can be made. Rather bizarrely, the article that I linked to (via Peter) claims that the planetarium is "one of London’s most popular attractions", happily contradicting the claim by the planetarium's managers who said that the closure was "the result of falling visitor numbers". For more on the closure see the BBC video report which interviews the aptly named Diane Moon.

If you live in London this may be your last chance to visit a planetarium until the new Peter Harrison Planetarium is opened at Royal Observatory, Greenwich in spring next year.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Wednesday 26th Apr 2006 (22:11 UTC) | 6 Comments | Permalink

Comments: London Planetarium

Blast! I really like planetariums, and to have the only planetarium in London close down, how could such a major city have no planetarium?

Posted by Ian Musgrave on Thursday 27th Apr 2006 (11:22 UTC)

We recently visted the Planitarium in London looking forward to a star lit experience under the unique sound proofed custom built dome, seeing sights that can only be seen on rare dark nights. But instead the comfy seats had gone replaced by plastic benches, there was no alien like creature projector in the centre, there was no mystery, only yet another wam bam cartoon about cult of celebrity. What a loss to the education of children and adults, not just loss to education but also the experience that could only be had at the London Planitarium. A dark day for entertainment and education in England.

Posted by Andrew Haughton on Friday 13th Oct 2006 (09:51 UTC)

It sure was.

Posted by Stuart on Friday 13th Oct 2006 (15:41 UTC)

I life in Hannover/Germany. On March 6th,2009 I flew to London only to visit the Planetorium.

Before I informed myself in the internet about opening times and entrance fees!!!When I got there I was told by a man selling hot dogs outside Madame Tussauds that the Planetarium is closed.... With great disappointment I flew back to Germany the next day

Posted by Gerhard Helfers on Friday 13th Mar 2009 (10:05 UTC)

gravatarGerhard, it is a pity you didn't go to the Royal Observatory Greenwich as their planetarium is supposed to be very good. It is a pity the Tussauds person didn't tell you about it.

Posted by Stuart on Friday 13th Mar 2009 (14:29 UTC)

Can you tell me the name of a past curator of the London Planetarium who wrote books about the Greek Islands?

Posted by R Kelly on Thursday 03rd Nov 2011 (21:58 UTC)


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