ISS passes

I have just had a quick look at the Heavens Above website and discovered that the International Space Station (ISS) is once again visible from the UK. From Manchester we should get some good passes at 17:49 tonight (WSW to S toSE), tomorrow at 18:13 (W to S to SE) and several more over the next few days. These times and positions strongly depend on your location so select your country, enter the nearest city or town name and then select 'ISS passes' to find out the best times for you.

I had great fun earlier in the year pointing out the ISS to random passers-by in the street who were wondering what I was looking at. Sidewalk astronomy is great.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Wednesday 09th Nov 2005 (11:16 UTC) | 2 Comments | Permalink

Comments: ISS passes

Yep, footpath astronomy is great! A couple of days ago I showed my neighbour Venus in the daytime as we walked back from the train. Seeing peoples faces when they undrestand you can see a planet while the sun is still up is amazing.

Posted by Ian Musgrave on Thursday 10th Nov 2005 (20:28 UTC)

Tomorrow night should be great, because Endeavour (STS-126) is docked with the ISS too. Let's hope the skies are clear.

Posted by David M on Friday 21st Nov 2008 (12:41 UTC)


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